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toddler complains of back pain

I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son who began complaining of back pain in mid-October.  We had just had another baby, so I didn't really think much of it at first.  Then in early November he wouldn't walk, after x-rays and blood work all came back normal our pediatrician diagnosed him with toxic synovitis.  He began walking and was back to normal in a couple days.  However, the occasional complaint of back paincontinued, most of the time when he was laying down.  We took him back in to the Dr. and had more x-rays done.  Then in the beginning of December he began to complain of back pain when he was in his car seat.  Again, i just took it as he wanted out, nothing too alarming.  It has gotten worse that now he will scream like he is in enormous pain whenever he's in the car seat.  I have since paid close attention to what it is that hurts.  He always grabs for the middle of his lower back with his right hand and says that's where it hurts.  We had a Britax Boulevard carseat since April and were praying that it was the carseat that we went and got a new one.  Same thing in the new one.  I then began watching him sit.  When he sits he will not sit with weight equally distributed on both hips, he'll immediately shift his weight to one side or the other, or need to sit sideways with a leg up, then he's fine.  Since a 5 point harness prevents him from doing so, he can't figure out how to fix whatever it is that hurts.  This week he also started it in the stroller.  He will not sit on my lap without shifting to one side or the other.  Even if I distract him with TV or a snack or anything he's all over the place.  If I try to make him sit straight he will immediately begin kicking his legs and squirming his back all over the place, and then scream.  Our pediatrician ordered more x-rays but I don't know what else to do or who else to see for a consult.
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I am amazed by the amount of people with this problem. I myself also thought, "A 2 yr old with back problems?" My son didn't have any health issues until he got on milk and regular food at 1. Every since then he is always sick. He was treated with milk allergies and a few others. About 4 months ago he started complaining about his back. He complains all the time, not just in a seat, etc. He screams and cries and when it is hurting he pretty much sleeps all day!

He also has respiratory problems, bowl problems and now that I'm thinking of it hasn't grown too much in the last year (he was such a chubby boy then once he got on food and milk it slowed dramatically and hasn't gained more then 2 lbs in 10 months which I overlooked because my oldest son is tiny!

The back is bad though. His lower back actually swells a little when he complains it's hurting. He runs fevers all the time and they reach 104-105 almost always! Our doctors have began to say it just appears he runs high fevers.

We have finally been tested for new things. We are being sent for gluten test. We are going for xrays and all that soon also. I'm hoping we figure this out.

A note to all: I did a lot of research and gluten intolerance and Celiac are very often misdiagnosed, overlooked, etc. One of the symptoms in children are often lower back pains. I suggest if it continues and nothing seems to help ask your doctor.
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Have y'all asked the doctors to check for legg-calve-perthes disease. My child at the age of three started complaining about back back. It would hurt to sit in car sit. If she was very active for the day she would kind of limp. The doctor diagnosed it as Synovitis. Thinking she was just having joint pain after having a virus. He stated it would get better within 4 weeks. Well 6 weeks had went by. She had been very active that day playing on a blow up water slide. That night she couldn't even walk with out holding on to the wall. I took her back to the doctor the next day. He sent her for x-rays. He diagnosed her right on the spot. He said the only reason he knew what is was because he had one patient before to have. He said it is very rare. This disease is where the head of the femur bones blood supply for some reason cuts off making the head of he femur bone die off. If caught around age of 3 it is more likely to heal better. If not caught until later around age 6 you may be looking at surgery. Just have them look into it. And at their age around 3 there may not be much deterioration of the bone yet.
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I almost bought a new carseat today even though I can't afford it.  Didn't find one and before searching online, found myself here.  
It's to the point where I just can't leave the house anymore... My dd will be 2-1/2 in a few days.  She's been complaining for a few months specifically of back pains in her carseat, but has been fighting me for years not to get in it (Evenflo something dark purple.)  I thought the other day; I can't believe she STILL fights and cries to not get in her carseat when I have been firm and no-nonsense about it for 2 years!  This is NOT behavioral. The poor kid is panicked hysterical with pain.  
And while the shoulder harness now does not adjust any higher as I feel it should and I instinctively keep trying to get her to push against my hands with her feet so she can adjust her little body, I still don't know if it's the carseat. I cannot believe how many of us are here with kids the same exact age!!!  
She also complains of leg pain, though because usually in car I haven't thought to pinpoint and she can't reach her legs while in seat to show me.
She also wakes up scream-whining about her back and asks me to rub it.  She has asthma and hacks and whoops at night alot too and I thought maybe from the coughing or... because she falls alot... or growing pains, growing pains, growing pains!  -is what I've been thinking when she's not in her carseat and still complaining of leg and back pain.  And now that I'm reading these posts I realize the kid very rarely sits down. I thought hyper 2 year old; normal, but when she eats she sits with her feet tucked under -e v e r y  t i m e.  -Even on the floor/ground.
I will also add calcium/magnesium, make sure to hydrate, cut back on dairy (intimidating life change for me/us), give her a box for her feet, and have her checked for discitis, celiac, and spondylitis so thank you all for your posts.
I'm concerned about something medical, but let me also pose this thought.  Maybe for most of us it IS the carseat.  They make these carseats to accomodate such a wide range of sizes and multiple stages these day, they can't be ergonomic for newborn AND 30 lb 2 year old can they!?  That's a big difference really.  Maybe the carseat manufacturers are all using a smaller model child size and by the time our kids are 2, there's just no way the same shape works.  I too feel the horizontal plastic "bar" across the midback for my child and I didn't know you weren't supposed to put any cushion or padding back there, so that's what I did, but it doesn't help!  Maybe these seats are causing long term damage.
I'm at a loss too really.  I'm very glad to be armed with all of the info above for our pedia appt this week. Thank you all for that, and hugs for all the poor babes in pain.  
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I had to come back to this forum after obsessively reading ever single post for the past 4 months trying to figure out this mystery. My daughter is now 2.5 years old and started complaining in her carseat about 5 months ago. I tried to ignore it at first, thinking that she was just a whiney toddler but noticed that she couldn't even sit comfortably in her high chair, in the stroller, sometimes when she was bending over playing, and even on the couch. She was always wiggling around trying to ease some sort of pain. The carseat was the worst though and she would scream in pain. At night she would compian when I would lie her down in her crib and she would only sleep on her stomach. The pain would wake her from her sleep and she would cry out that her back hurt. It started to really scare me and I spent one sleepless night beside her thinking the very worst. I brought her at 6am the next morning to the children's hosptial emergency so I could hopefully get some answers. They ran 2 blood tests, did a spinal xray, lung xray and urine samples. All came back normal. A couple of months went by of me worrying and avoiding any trips in the car when I started to notice that she would complain more when she was sick. One night when she had a cold virus, she was screaming for a half hour straight that her back hurt and I was again about to head back to the hosptial because I had no idea what was wrong with her. All of sudden she vomited and fell into a deep comfortable sleep. It was then that we realized that it wasn't her back that was the culprit, it was actually her stomach. Obviously the pain was radiating to the back or she has some sort of heartburn that she couldn't describe because 2 weeks after she was put on medication for silent reflux, the syptoms have almost disappeared. She never had reflux as baby, and they are investigating why she is developing it at her age (dairy free diet, possible gluten intolerance) but we are just so relieved to find the answer. Her symptoms have baffled 3 pediatricians and also our family doctor because she has no other obvious symptoms of GER. I really hope this post helps someone out there!
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omg if you are still having this same problem PLEASE contact me.. i am going thru the same exact thing with my 3 yr old. i know your post is old but i was looking for answers and yours is the only one i saw where he complains of his back being "hot" my baby has been thru MRI's, bone scans, ct scans,etc. we are at a loss. he has back pain in his car seat and high chair and sometimes complains about his feet hurting. my email is ***@****
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i have been trying to find this exact situation! my 3 yr old son complains of back pain and also says his back is "hot".. you are the only other person i have heard of dealing with that same part of it. he has had several mri's, ct scans and a bone scan..all normal. he has seen many diff specialists too.. next we are going to a neurologist... He always first says his back is hot and then comes the pain. he also complains about his feet hurting him too..
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I'm not sure if you read my last post (Feb 22nd, 2012) but I forgot to mention that my daughter would say her back was 'cold' when she was complaining. It was obviously a sensation that she couldn't describe becasuse it turned out to be stomach pain radiating to her back and also heartburn. She has GER and is much better now that she is medicated. Good luck!
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Hi, i just read your post about your son with back pain and belly aches. My son has been complaining of the same thing. He is a very active child and does not act like he is in pain otherwise. He has been having chronic ear infections and has been on antibiotics so i am concerned for his kidneys. I don't seem to think the doctors are always right and tend to write a lot of things off. So here i am doing my own research. I did not see that you posted an update. what was the outcome of your child? Your case seems to be most similar to mine. Thanks!
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I didnt see your post but i just read it. Did she complain of the back pain in her LOWER back? bc thats where his pain is.. If it IS reflux, can it cause pain that low down?
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She actually was always pointing to her lower back but I started to realize that she just couldn't reach up to where it was actually bothering her... Or maybe she just wasn't able to communicate where the discomfort was coming from.
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My 2 1/2 year old just started complaining periodically this weekend that his tummy and back ache. He also had an upset stomach (dad had stomach flu). My son usually complained when on the potty, then said he felt better afterward, so I think he probably had/has a milder stomach flu (he got a flu vaccine, dad did not). I hope that's all it is. No big changes in his diet or injuries, no fever or rash, no problems with sitting in his carseat or high chair...but I have been debating taking him to the pediatrician if his pain does not resolve in a couple of days. I hope all of your babies get better and stop hurting! It could be similar symptoms for different reasons. Chiropractic care and dietary changes can definitely help in a lot of cases. If your pediatrician isn't taking you seriously or doing anything to help find the cause, find a new doctor!
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How do you have a 34 month old in a diaper?!!!!!!
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My daughter is now 3 and it all started when she was 14 months crying in the car seat about her back hurting . I've taken her to the dr they did an xray said she seems fine and that it could be constipation , the last 4 months she complains all the time I've brought her back and yet they sayin growing pains exct... She has recently been waking up threw out the night and crys I feel terible as I no iits not normal my other children have never done this it seems all our lill ones are experiencing ther same symptoms anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help get answers and cloe out of pain
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See a chiropractor.  One that has good experience with children would be best.  Also, look for a Gonstead chiropractor in your area.  They are far better than your general chiropractor (more schooling and the technique is better).

Hope your chile finds relief soon.
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Did anyone find any conclusive results? My 5 year old has been complaining about the same thing on and off for two years. Switched seats and gave him miralax for supposed constipation...he is scheduled to have MRI because everything else is clear
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Did anyone find any conclusive results? My 5 year old has been complaining about the same thing on and off for two years. Switched seats and gave him miralax for supposed constipation...he is scheduled to have MRI because everything else is clear
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Discitis - I came across this thread of posts a few months back when I was searching for 'lower back pain toddler". I thought I would let you know what came of my further investigation with doctors in Australia where I live AS I HAVE HAD A RESULT- yay!!
Start- She had a small fall down our concrete back steps (2 steps), got up cried, but seemed fine and walked away (had a chesty cough at the time, but wasn't an infection that I knew of).
My daughter's (1.5 years old) symptom list the followed:
- holding her back when walking along
- reduction in bending over forwards to pick something off the floor
- SCREAMING in pain (usually after sleeping, but not always)
- would suddenly drop to the floor and cry at times
- eventually didn't like walking up/down stairs
- eventually wanted to be carried most of the time
These symptoms all developed over about 3 weeks with the intensity increasing. Eventually not really walking at all and the screaming periods lasting up to 45mins -heartbreaking times......
She had an x-ray which showed nothing. Getting a wee sample didn't happen- this is very difficult to obtain!!
Then she developed a 39 degree Celsius fever and the doctors started to worry as infection was their obvious thought.
She had a bone scan of her spine and it showed up a 'hot spot' in her lumbar. Not great news... as could have been a lot of nasty things.
But... then we had an MRI under general anesthetic and this showed that she had DISCITIS (infection of the disc between two of her lumbar).
This is a good thing compared to what it could have been. It's quite unusual and hard to diagnose in young kids that can't talk yet.
10 days in hospital with IV antibiotics. After 3 days she was really on the mend and walking again!!!! Happy dance + tears from us.
7 weeks of STRONG oral antibiotics at home, then another MRI which showed the disc was breaking down as expected (the two lumbar will fuse- won't cause any long term issues at all).
We've finished the antibiotics now and due to have another routine follow up MRI in another month to check all is A-OK... which it will be as she is already back to her crazy/ beautiful/ mischievous/ independent almost 2 year old self.
Bottom line.... if you think it's something... it may be... KEEP GOING BACK TO DOCTORS UNTIL YOUR HAPPY!
I hope this helps someone...
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I thin your issue, samk37 might be a kidney infection.  Uva Ursi and Yarrow are all natural remedies for kidney infections.  I use them on myself and they work better than the antibiotic.  You can order them at http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/shop/

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My 2 year old daughter has been complaining about her back hurting for about a month. She had a fecal test and a urine test done both came back fine. The doc thought it was a milk allergy but it wasn't. So I'm in a spot where I just don't know what to do. We are going back to the dic tom. So hopefully we can get somewhere.
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I can't believe all of the posts about pain in the back and bellies on toddlers in car seat. My daughter 28 months old started about two weeks ago. My story is exactly the same as all of yours. I have not taken her to the doctor yet bc I was wondering if maybe it's constipation and the car seat brings on the discomfort. She does not have regular bowel movements. Hmmm.... I'll have to keep reading. But it is crazy.
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I have an almost 3 year old girl who has been in and out of the hospital due to GI issues; however, around the time she has had a mysterious intestinal flare up she would scream in the carseat about back pain.  She was doing much better over the last 3 months until this weekend.  She again started screaming in pain while in her carseat.  She also will not sit on the couch or dining room chair.  Her pain is real.  3 days after she started having issues this weekend, she came down with strep throat.  I think the pain has to do with her body being out of balance.  The pain is like a "cannery in the mine shaft" letting us know something is wrong.  The doctors never really found anything wrong with her gut except she has a diagnosis of Yersina and her appendix was inflamed.  We are still trying to find an answer.  Luckily, we did not need to go in the car today.
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My daughter is 4 I finally got her into a Pediatric Rheumatologist, they believe she has JIA (JRA). The back pain may something more and she may need a MRI with contrast to look morre closely at her back. They will have to put her to sleep, to do the MR,I in order to keep her still. Her Rheumatoligist states children their age should not have back pain even with JRA and should be closely looked into and taken very seriously. Make your Doctor listen and get your child help. God has give you your child and the wisdom to know when somethig is wrong don't let your childs doctor just say it growing pains or noting to worry about. Insist on your child seeing a Pediatric Rheumatologist.
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Have you found anything further?  Did you go ahead with the MRI?  My daughter is going through a similar experience.  Back pain for 9 months, just been diagnosed with JIA and I just feel like the back pain has not really been diagnosed.  Do you have any other advice?
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Hi My son had problems with his bowel and I kept going to the doctors but no one would believe me, I changed Doctors and my son was sent of to the hospital. That doctor just fobbed me off but I got her to book a Ultra sound for him, big turn around and he had to go to another hospital. We have now got the results in, he has Inflammatory bowel disease. This is what I knew as my Mum and I both have it!! He is now on Salofalk and he is a different child. It has taken 3 1/2 years to get this result. My son also has back problem as do I and my mum! Hope this helps!!!
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We have a daughter that had all the symptoms that have been mention in the posts (back pain, sleepless, car seat pain, didn't sit very long, etc).  We took her to our pediatrician who checked for Leukemia and took ex-rays of the spine.  Everything checked out good.  We then went to the pediatric orthopedic who examined her and took more ex-rays - again everything good.  Then we went to a podiatrist who gave us inserts for flat feet but said they were not such that would cause back pain.  Our next stop was a rheumatoid doctor who diagnosed her with Juvenile Arthritis.  Ultimately she had arthritis in her knees (which she never complained about), the knees and legs were growing slightly off (due to the arthritis) and causing the back pain.  We have been doing treatment for her for about 6 months which has resulted in a huge improvement.  The clinic has told me that Juvenile Arthritis (which I had never heard of before) is as common and prevalent as Juvenile Diabetes and it is common for it to be initially diagnosed in the toddler years.  I hope this helps - good luck to all.
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Take him to an expert and a full body checkup can diagnose the problem may be its not the back pain he is suffering it's may the vain conracting or other gasous problems as well - ask your child if he fall down from anywhere and got hit ? in school
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This is such an old thread - but my daughter who just turned four is experiencing these same symptoms. Can any of you tell me what ended up happening in your case??
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Do you had any diagnosis? We have the same problem with my 2 years old daughter.
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Diagnosis in less than a month:
My three year old twin daughter continuously complained that her lower back hurt, even during the night in her sleep!
After performing an X-ray the results showed everything was normal.  However, her pediatrician also found it alarming that she would wake up during the middle of the night with pain.  He advised us to see a pediatric orthopedic, so we did. The orthopedic suggested to perform a bone scan and cat scan of her lower back.  Toddlers should not be complaining of lower back pain in their sleep.  The results were contridicting; orthopedic said one thing and the test technician said something else.  So, it was suggested to have a third opinion at the orthopedic center in a well known children's hospital.  She was diagnosed with Spondolysis in her L-5.  Very rare in children at such a young age, normally it is only diagnosed in teens....especially since most doctors/parents do not take children's back pain as serious.  The first time I mentioned it to her pediatrician he assumed she was just mimicking an adult.
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my son in 20 months and he has been pushing like he is trying to have a bowl movement then he touches his back like it hurts but he is not constipated.  it has only been a week but im going to take him to the drs.  I was born with a tumor on my spine and all the drs told me nothing was wrong of course i had a birth mark on my back and my mom was worried about it.  she didnt give up and it turned out i had to have surgery at 7 yrs old to remove it.  im now 27 and perfectly fine.  but now that my son is touching his back and crying sometimes it makes me so nervous.  His kidneys were also check when he was first born because he had no cartilage in the top of his ear and his dr said it can be a sign of kidney problems but everything turned out fine.
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I read this post about a year ago when I was wondering why my 3 year old was complaining about back and tummy pains.  We thought it may be because of needing to have a bowel movement at first; however, it was not always linkable to this.  We took him to the doctor who said everything looked normal.  After reading through the comments on this post, I saw that some other children with similar complaints had a Britax Marathon car seat.  Seemed funny as we don't have a car and don't go anywhere on a regular basis.  Only twice a month or so; however, what I read really made me wonder.  So, we bought a new carseat prior to a big car trip that we took; we bought a seat that converts from 5-point harness to booster seat.  He looks much more comfortable in it as he is upright like his brother.  And, since that purchase... no more complaints about tummy and back.  Coincidence?...maybe... but, it seems a bit too coincidental for my husband and I.  I recommend switching to a seat that doesn't lean back as much and is more upright as soon as you can if your toddler is complaining... I feel so much better now that he is fine again!!  

I don't usually post to these types of things; however, I wanted to share my experience on this post.  

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hi...I am a mother of a 2year old boy and 1 year old daughter...my son has developmental delays with speech and motor skills and is still not walking independently. He is extremely unsteady when he does attempt to walk and can barely take 4 steps without falling down. He is getting speech and pt several times a week since he was 18months.  Labor and delivery was long but normal.  He had rsv when he was born and hospitalized for two nights and has since had rsv several more times as well as pertussis.  We took him to an ENT to rule out fluid imbalances which would explain the delays, an orthopedist and a neurologist who requested an MRI and bloodwork.  Everything came back normal. Some speech delays run on my husband's side of the family but nothing major.  I was  a late walker (17months)   We are taking him to another ortho on Monday to hopefully get x-rays of his hips done since the other ortho did not think it necessary.  
For the past couple of months whenever he layed on the floor he would put his hands underneath his lower back.I didn't think much of it  until he more recently does it whenever he is laying down on any surface.  Something that has been more alarming is when he walks with his push toys he will intermittently stop and put his hand on his lower back (either side) and also at times his butt(either cheek).  Since his speech is delayed he doesn't say he is in pain but he will at times make noises that indicate he is.  He is also more fussy when he is in his carseat (Cosco)He has more tantrums now which I know can be attributed to his delays as well as those infamous terrible twos but I am scared that he is in pain and that is why he is not yet walking on his own.   I have read a lot of helpful info in all of the above posts but was also wondering if any of your kids have trouble walking too.  We will continue to take him to doctors until there is some diagnosis.  I can longer hear "just wait and see" anymore..... God bless (:
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FLAME RETARDANTS in car seats. Britax uses some.

This could apply to some or many of the car seat related
complaints. Not sure, but I did lots of research on the
flame retardants in car seats.
Exposure to the flame retardants could cause skin problems
coupled with other issues from exposure. The body must
handle the chemicals through the tissues.
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"Diono" is the only car seat that I could find,
that has no flame retardants. Uses fabric that has
natural flame resistance. Infant/Booster seat.
All in one. This eliminates a great amount of exposure,
but check carriage/strollers, highchairs or anything with
foam, and sleepwear. Labels will be on most everything somewhere.

Cover mattresses below, to avoid further exposure while sleeping. European research has claimed it eliminates all SIDS death entirely
when applied. They claim it's due to the chemicals in mattresses of infant cribs, etc. Babies and adult covers below.


other information FYI.

**GMO foods can cause the GI complaints, leading to back, etc
& would not be detectable in tests. Make sure little one's
are not eating any GMO.


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Should have said... my toddler also had a Britax Marathon carseat when he complained of back pains / tummy pains.  
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I came to this thread when searching toddler back pain.  My little girl is two and has held her back from time to time since she started walking, and now is able to say back hurt.  She also couldn't hold her weight on one leg a few weeks ago, collapsed to the floor thee times in walking four feet!  Scary!  So anyway, she has leg involvement that wasn't really mentioned in the rest of the posts, but we got a diagnosis or a start of a diagnosis anyway, so I thought I would share.  She was diagnosed hypermobile.  (Her joints extend further than they should, the wrong way.  Kids used to call it double jointed.)  So she will be prone to lots of sprains and strains and such and the looseness of the joints pulls on other muscles for support, including back muscles.  Also, someone mentioned putting a box under kids feet in car seats so that wouldn't pull on their back so much, well that sounds like it fits with the hypermobile stuff, so I thought I would post this, for what it's worth and I hope every ones little ones are doing well!!
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Children dont make up being in pain, there is a reason for it, whether its kidney issue or back/spine issue, dont brush it off, it could result in worse issues, a disc in the back going for a long period of time being pinched, does not get oxygen, becomes deadened, hard, the spongy ness of it is lost, t here fore bone on bone, which in a child has to be horrendous for life. Search for a good chiropractor, ask around, find one that specializes in children. I went to a few, some werent very good, in fact I would  worse, I ended up finding one that was Great, had young children of his own, and adjusted children. Ao  pinched nerve is nothing to disregard . Some meds will loosen your muscles up so that the nerve becomes unpinched. I dont know that they would prescribe those meds for young children, but chiropractors give immediate relief. Take care and good luck
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Some meds cause constipation. I suggest going to a chiropractor that specializes in children.  Meds only mask the pain, they dont fix the problem, pinched nerves will cause life long issues. massages can help also
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my 3 year old daughter started complaining that her back hurt for the first time when she had strep throat a month ago. Since then she complains on and off and sometimes wakes up at night holding her back. I took her to ped and had urinalysis done to check for uti (came back clean). She does have a Britax car seat but doesnt usually complain while in it. I am concerned as to why it is bothering her and waking her at night. She has recently been diagnosed with GERD though she never had it as a baby. She took meds for it last night and didn't wake like usual although she did still whimper and moan in her sleep. I am going to look into some of these diagnosis from this page but do find it a little comforting that I am not alone. I am worried and do promise to update if anything is found.
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Sorry to hear those posted that their kids are having back pain. I do hope that something will get figured out on to help the pain for them.
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Posting our story...in the hopes of keeping this going so that the more people that find out answers, they will come back to post for those of us who still need help.

My daughter is 2.5 years - has complained about back pain for approx 1 year - and only in the car seat. We have tried multiple car seats, rear and forward facing (ended up switching back to rear facing because it is safer and because her feet won't dangle).  Ped checked her for kidney infection and fractured rib, both negative.

When she was 2 she stopped walking for approx 4 days - no weight on the foot which is the same side she complains of back pain  (her right side)  We had x-rays of the hip (and i think low back) done - they diagnosed transient synovitis.

We have found *some* improvement with a very reclined rear-facing car seat (we use the Diono Radian).  But she still mentions it. After the recent holiday and a long car ride, she was screaming. I DO think she has some sort of hip/spine imbalance because when I tighten the car seat straps, one seems much tighter than the other.  

Side notes: She is also a tummy sleeper and I wonder if this is hurting her back (I tummy sleep and have low back pain because of it).  We also have a long history of autoimmune diseases which is making me want to get her checked for celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, etc  

Will post back with any updates.
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Hi, my son is having the same problem, what was the outcome with your baby?
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Hi, my son is having the same problem, what was the outcome with your baby?
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Hi, my son is having the same problem, what was the outcome with your baby?
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Any updates with your daughter? My son is having similar issues. I hope you have some good answers.
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Hi mesimeri

  My name is Suresh and I saw your post from Dec 2008 (We have seen similar symptoms.  Our daughter, almost three, has complained sporadically of back pain for the last 9 months.  Sometimes we can go one or two weeks without a complaint, then she'll say at bedtime or in her carseat that her back hurts and puts her right hand on her mid to lower back.  No screaming pain, just the complaint.  Urine test normals.  X-rays were normal.  She otherwise plays normally and falls asleep at night).

    Our daughter who is 4 has been showing similar symptoms for the past 6 months or so. Can you please let me know how this issue was solved. We already had 2-3 doctor visits but no solution yet.

Thanks in advance
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PLEASE PEOPLE STOP posting your kids back hurts. It's been posted a 1,000 times already. Please post the SOLUTION since everyone clearly understands the problem. After over an hour reading posts here are the potential diagnoses others have posted:
1) Tethered Spinal Cord
2) Giardia
3) Lyme Disease
4) Dairy Allergy
5) Henoch-Schonlein Purpura  (HSP)
6) Spina Bifida
7) Discitis
8) Celiac Disease
I would Google a few of theses or talk about this list with your DR. I hope this helps!
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I think its OKAY to keep posting back pain stories and issues.  There are nuances in the different experiences that yield information and may be pieces to the puzzle.  Please do return though with solutions if you find any!  

Daughter also having screaming back pain in the car for nearly 2 years, some night terrors/waking but no back pain at night, and off and on complaints of knee pain. my daughter is 4.

Carseat at onset=Britax Marathon, two since no change
X-rays and MRI = both negative
Chiropractic= 2 different, only very mild success (one for over a year)

Latest Advice=kids can have an original injury to the back, pain receptors fire over and over and get kind of wired for pain in a particular area of the back.  Doc told us to us a piece of foam and cut a hole out of the back so her back would not touch the back of the carseat and rub oil on the area of sensitivity and while talking about how it is getting better.  Doubtful it will work but will let you know.    

Please try a food elimination diet.  I kid you not...I was had knots all over my back for years...so much pain.  My husband said, "I have never felt so many knots on someone's back."  I have had them since I was a kid.  Finally, after tons of testing and no results, the doc said to try an autoimmune diet.  Lo and Behold, all the knots literally disappeared.  Pain gone, swelling gone, migraines gone.  I am still in bit of shock and it has already been one year.  Gluten is the culprit for me.  I have a gluten sensitivity.  I am also allergic to coconut of all kinds and corn starch.  I was desperate.  Please don't wait to try this.  If nothing changes, then you've lost nothing...but if it is the issue, you can literally heal your child.  I cannot have any gluten...not even pick up bread and then lick my fingers...I'll be in immense pain within 30 minutes.  
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Something I hope everyone will try for the sake of your little ones my son started complaining of back pain at almost 2 so of coarse I was doing everything I could to find out why I even took him to a pedi chiropractor against my better judgement because I'm not into that stuff but the one thing that helped was fixing his mattress they tend to slump in the middle so if your lo is sleeping on there belly at all thru the night head and feet are up and belly back are down it bends them just enough to cause discomfort throughout the day my son would freak out in his car seat I would have to pull over and put a blanket or jacket behind his back but the mattress was the problem for us kid beds usually have a mattress that sits on a bed frame that is somewhat open in the middle leaving the mattress to rest just on the edges so the middle curves with any weight I hope this helps some of you !!!
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Did anyone end up finding a diagnosis for this? No one has posted for over a year ago, but my 3.5 year old son is experiencing back pain at the moment and I'm very worried.
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