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Back Pain, Tingling in Legs, Passing Out

I hurt my lower back 30 years ago from a fall on the ice.  I have maintained mobility through exercise but once in a while I throw it out especially after heavy lifting.  I did that a few days ago and last night I had trouble sleeping the pain waking me up and it being difficult to move around in the bed.  After a few hours sleep I got out of bed and noticed I had pins and needles in my legs.  I got to the bathroom and sat down only to feel like it was becoming hard to breath.  I got dizzy and felt like I couldn't see well and my chest started to hurt a bit, pressure really more than pain, I knew enough to get off the toilet and laid on the floor until I felt better.  After a few minutes on the floor I decided to go downstairs but may not have been fully stabilized.  I made it down the stairs only to fall on my face.  I don't suspect I passed out again but rather my lower body just gave out.  I made it to the living room and laid on the floor until I felt better.  I have managed the pain in my back when it gets thrown out but I have never had the numbness and tingling outside of exercise and I have never almost passed out because of it so I have become a bit concerned about it.  I do not have great insurance at the moment and i know back surgery does not always help so I have been trying to avoid it but wonder if these new symptoms mean I need to seek medical help.  Should I be concerned or can I just keep up with my back exercises and hold out longer before getting it fixed?
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