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Has anyone ever heard of a chiropractor damaging one's facet joint. I have posted on here about hip/buttock pain that ive had for 5 1/2 months that began after going to chiropractor. I was not in pain when I left the chiropractor. It started late that night. He adjusted me pretty roughly but its kind of hard to believe he did permanent damage to my facet joint.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks so much
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i am having a simalar problem and i am afraid that my chiro may have damaged something in my back.I am waiting on xray results now.I am in PT now for a shoulder injury and my PT is also worried that my chiro may have damaged something in my back, i am scared to death.I was wondering wt kind of symptoms you are having?
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I haven't had any trouble with my chiropractor.
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Like in every fields there good and bad practitioners. One thing we should avoid is generalization. What is actually sad about it is that when you know a practitioner is bad it is often too late. My advice would be to ask as many questions as possible regarding the experiences and knowledge of a practitioner before engaging any treatments.

Each years many practitioners lose their license and i encourage people to complain and report every incidents.

Best regards,
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No I havent tried PT but after 6 months Im not sure that PT would fix this..The pain is very bad
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I hate chiropractors!!   Have you tried PT?
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