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hi everyone, wondering if my problem is sciatica or something else!

Hi everyone. I’m 27 and have had this sciatic pain (?) on and off for probably around a decade. I’ve been drumming since 10 and worked a lot of heavy lifting jobs. 5ish years ago I got an X-ray and it turns out my lumbar leans to the left. Sometimes when I get up from the drum kit or out of my car from a drive, I get this sensation in my left glute/leg/lower left back and have to limp to walk UNTIL I feel something pop or click and then it’s immediately gone... single kick drum players tend to move their lower RIGHT side of their body a lot more, so I think this is a problem stemming from years of that, an imbalance perhaps? I got in a good gym and feel much better when I do mobility and strength training, sometimes the pain isn’t there for a while, but it can come out of nowhere. Anyone have the same problem or know what I’m dealing with and how I can fix it? Thanks so much for reading and for any help :)
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If you're hearing a pop or a click, that's probably a problem with a joint or the cartilage that cushions a joint.  Maybe your hip.  I'm not sure the lumbar tilt means a whole lot.  We're all weird on MRIs and Xrays.  Doesn't mean it's the cause of pain.  Sciatica is nerve pain.  It happens when something impinges on your sciatic nerve, and the pain is usually felt down the side of your leg that's affected.  I've had it, don't recommend it.  The two most common causes of it are lower back discs impinging on the nerve or something called periformis syndrome.  That's a small muscle near your hip that in many people lies right underneath the sciatic nerve and when it gets inflamed it hits the nerve and you get the pain.  That's probably what happened to me, and I got it from riding a bike a lot and hard.  I'm not an expert, so obviously seeing an orthopedic surgeon and getting an MRI will maybe tell you something and maybe it won't, but again, sciatica is nerve pain and you're describing an actual impediment to movement and a popping sound which is more like a problem with other types of tissue.  
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