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most of you are familiar with my sons 'crash' in June...
he was put on 20mg of zyprexa than maintained on 10mg....he was on this for a total of 31 days.
It did bring him down off a severe state of anxiety and paranoia however left him in a VERY DARK depression.

4 days ago he was switched over to 200mg of seroquel(building up to 400mg)
yesterday exactly 3 days after the change he woke up that morning and said 'it was as if the sun finally came out-after a month of darkness'....
I could even visually see the change in him when he came home from work last eve... a totally different person, he was smiling and talking abt work and the future even playing with his son with his heart into it!!
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It's all trial and error. I'm glad he's better and I hope the meds continue to work for him. Be sure his dr watches his blood sugar levels as these meds can make you go pre diabetic or diabetic.
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didn't i tell you seroquel is best. about this diabetes business all antipsychotics have this risk so just watch his diet and sugar intake.

at least my theory is right. i'm glad he got better
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mind you, you applied only half of my theory. You will notice tremendous change if you apply the rest of my theory

lamictal+seroquel OR abilify+seroquel. Get off this funny zyprexa and valproex

seroquel is manufactured by astra zenyca which does 18 bn a year, 4.7 bn out of it is due to seroquel alone.

pdocs are more informed than us of course. I bet they never read anything after they leave college all they do they chat only together in conferences or the learn from their mistakes. If you open any text in psychiatry you will find one chapter of 5 pages only written on bipolarity that's all, but surfing the web you come across thousands of pages from different views.

I thank God that i am still surviving though i have the worst of you all: BP1 with rapid cycling and mixed states. I attempted suicide thrice but i am still holding, i wonder till when !
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i apologize for talking about drugs since it isn't appropriate as i am NOT a pdoc so i shouldn't recommend anything, it's only an opinion that should be discussed with pdocs. so don't follow my view unless advised by specialists
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Hey you're opinion is always welcome...but like all the posts on this site they have to be considered as 'opinions' only.
The information gained thru each and everyones experience is like getting our own online degree....but none the less we are all under the care of each our own pdocs and must respect their advice...its just so good to know these meds ourselves than to have more valuable input into our treatment...
Oh as I mentioned b4 I live in Canada...on the west side, right near the boarder of 2 large 'provinces'...Saskatchewan and Alberta...I just mention that because the pdoc that my son and I see is the 'leading' authority on BP for both these provinces...he has been a pdoc for abt 15 yrs but STILL takes university classes, I think for his masters?...but I know that many other psychs come to him for answers...he is quite well known.
He may not know everything, but I must say he does know medications like the back of his hand....he is like a text book...I argue with him occassionally but usually his advice has turned out to be very sound.
We are all just experiements don't you think...?
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