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Bipolar Disorder type 2 Meds

Our 34 year old son was just diagnosed with Bipolar type 2.  During hospitalization he was put on Praxil (sp) and Zyprexa, with additional anxiety medication as needed.  Although he never experienced the severe manic episodes typical of Bipolar, he did get extremely depressed and became very paranoid. His thinking patterns lacked logic and were a bit removed from reality. For example he developed a fear of driving and of things being wrong with the house that might harm his daughter and spouse, though nothing was wrong.
Here is my concern.  His mother was diagnosed Bipolar 25 years ago.  She started on Lithium then and is very stable on the medication.  At one point a new psychiatrist tried Depakote with her and the results were disasterous.  She had a full blown episode that was very alarming.  It included a severe paraoid thought pattern that we had not seen before.  My concern is over the meds our son is getting.  Are they as effective as the lithium?  I realize that I am asking for a generalization.
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I know with my daughter, her dr. said Lithium is a last resort drug.  It can cause serious weight gain, and liver damage, it has to be constantly monitored.  If he can't get a good response from other drugs, then they will move on to Lithium.  There are many, many drugs for BP, so if the current combination doesn't work for him, there are many others to try -- unfortunately it is a trial and error type of thing and may take many different combinations to hit on the right one, and that may take awhile.  Good luck.
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Zyprexa is very good help  for the paranoia and for helping people who are believing things that are not true.

How many mg is he on?
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I had similar symptoms to your son and was diagnosed with psychotic depression, here in Austria, Europe.  

I have a very good doctor, she is considered the best in this country where medical care is the best in the world.  

I was put on zyprexa 5mg and effexor 225 mg, which is a similar regime.

I was able to give up the zyprexa after the year but remain on an anti depressant.  It is just that my depression got so bad i went down very low + she classified this as psychotic as i never had any high or elevated mood.

Hope this helps.
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He is on 15 mg of zyprexa.  The doctor told him he could take an additional 5 mg if he needed it during the day to help control the paranoia and uncontrollable thoughts

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Talked to his psychiatrist today.  He said that is was useful to know that a family member had done well on the lithium.  He said that lithium could be added to the current regimen. It is going to be up to the dr. and my son, though.

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Give it time, you need to be patient with these things and it is very much a 'trial' of a new medication.

I did notice good improvement with the Zyprexa after 4 - 6 days.

I wish him and you well.
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