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Bipolar Medication Combinations?

I have been taking a number of medications since I turned 21 in 2008, the first being Prozac, Adderall, and Seroquel. I was only prescribed Seroquel for as long as my doctor wanted to "observe possible Bipolar symptoms".... after about 3 months he took me off Seroquel. After years of continued difficulty with bouts of depression, anger/irritability, sleep, I saw a new doctor in 2015 who prescribed Abilify 5mg along with Adderall. He mentioned that he thought I continued to have issues because of the Prozac but did not officially give me a diagnosis. I immediately saw the benefits. However, at the end of 2016 I went through a severe bout of depression and discontinued the Abilify. I saw a new therapist immediately before the start of 2017 who unofficially diagnosed me with Bipolar and decided to prescribe Lamictal, gradually increasing dosage until I could safely discontinue Abilify. Once I reached the therapeutic dose of Lamictal, I stopped Abilify and immediately experienced rapid fluctuations between depression and mania and my therapist told me to go back on Abilify at a reduced 2.5 mg. In addition, since beginning Lamictal + Abilify I have consistently gained 40 pounds.... 10 of which were gained within the 2 weeks I restarted Abilify at 2.5 mg. As someone who has a history of body dysmorphia and eating disorders, I NEED a different treatment. Does anyone have any suggestions of a combined treatment? Or know anything about Topamax?
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I am new to topomax and have been takingit for 2 weeks. It was prescribed for headaches and so far its been great. Ive lost 2 lbs. already. It controls appetite etc and keeps you from getting headaches but the sideffects are terrible. I take it right before bed and wake up feeling ok although the first few days felt very droggy. My neurologist wants to take me off it and i am refusing. Id rather be a little blue than deal with those horrible headaches again
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