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Bipolar and Lexapro

I was wanting to know if anyone has seen any research on Lexapro for treating bipolar. I was taking 300 mg of Lamictal with 40mg of Lexapro and 10mg Geodon when I had a really bad manic episode. I had never had an episode while on meds before. Any and all information would be appreciated.
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How long did your episode last? Did it resolve on its own? Were you taking all 3 meds together when this occurred?
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My episode lasted about 8 months and resulted in two hospital stays. I was taking all 3 meds when it occurred, but once the episode started I stopped taking my meds because I thought I didnt need them of course. And it was by far the worst episode I had ever had, I had really bad delusions of grandeur and ended up homeless for the summer because no one could get through to me. It was awful. I'm back now thank God and just struggling with some aftermath depression, but compared to where I have been, I'll take depression anyday. But as I look back trying to firgure out how I could have an episode while on meds, I now know I was taking too much Lexapro and I have since found out that Lexapro is NOT approved for the treatment of Bipolar. Makes me wonder what my psychiatrist was thinking and whether or not I have any recourse for what happended to me.
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I think that you should definitely check out Dr. Peter Breggin and his work. He's a noted psychiatrist and has written/spoken about the effects of SSRI's and the resulting mania that can result in some patients.
I highly recommend that you read what you can as it could be beneficial  in your quest for solid mental health.
All my best to you...
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That is too funny I was just reading his bio and reviews of his books before writing this. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. Is he an advocate of not taking meds at all? I just don't see how that could be in the best interest of bipolars. Your thoughts?
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I can't say yet...I've just begun my research into his long-list of publications, talks, interviews, etc. I'm also considering buying his most recent book, too. So far, I am extremely impressed. You might also want to read about Dr. Loren Mosher (I hope I'm spelling it right). His contributions to the field of psychiatry are similar to Dr. Breggin's and both of these gentlemen are highly educated with great resumes.
So, as I read more, I may share a bit.
It is funny how that works re: you finding Dr. Breggin....your comments will be helpful, too.
More to come...
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