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Can someone please tell me what this sounds like?

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I have a very good friend, who has been a friend of mine since we were kids. We are now 40 and 36. I would say over the past 10 years or so, especially the past 5 years since she has been married and had kids, i walk on eggshells around her. Her mood swings are unreal. One minute she is talkative and laughing and very easy to get along with and jokes, and the next minute she is the biggest ***** i ever seen. For instance, the other day i was at her house. She was fine the entire time. She went upstairs to get changed, came downstairs , and was like a diffrent person. Miserable!!! She had the face on, attitude, cocky. I knew it was my time to go. And she takes it upon herself when she is in these moods to talk to my 10 year old , her Godson, like crap. This has been more than one occasion and ive held my tongue everytime. She dosn't act on impulse or jittery or anything some bi polar people do. Its basically how she changes in a heartbeat and her attitude. Does this sound like bipolar or depression? or something else? i dont know what to call it..also is it common for people like this to say whatever they feel , even if its too a kid, who by they way dosn't do a damn thing. Can someone clue me in. Im tired of not knowing who im gonna be confronting that day.
Thanks Guys
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Also more than 1 person has also noticed this and asked me about it. And told me just to let it go.  They even said she has the best RBF they ever seen....Resting ***** Face!
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Sounds like alcohol or drug addiction
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She does sound erratic.  I'm not sure what is going on with her but wondering if you, as a good friend, at a time in which she hasn't changed to the difficult personality, could approach her about it.  Tell her what you are seeing and not with judgement but with concern.  That you are worried about her.

Typically bipolar follows a pattern of highs and lows that involve things like energy.  You see someone being on top of the world, talking fast, starting projects, super hyped up.  And then they plummet into depression that is deep.  That's the typical type 1 bipolar.  Not sure if that applies here.  

Could she have borderline personality?  Does she have a significant other that you are friends with or a parent you could talk to?  
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