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Could there be a possibility of bi-polar?

I am 15 and have been diagnosed with depression, I have had it since September 2009. That was the diagnosis. I have been feeling the way I am since Febraury 2009. I have been noticing that I have been having periods where I am exceptionally hyper and act nothing like the way I am, one time I walked in the middle of the main road because I thought nothing could get me down. However they do not last long and sometimes happen everyday. I really do not understand it. My tracker is all over the place, I have periods of two weeks depressed and then my mood elates and it does not seem to be improving with time. I keep convincing myself its normal and I am normal like not ill and it happens to everyone but deep down I know there is a problem. I have lost like all my friends because of it. I some days find myself suicidal, unable to concentrate and having very low motivation with no goasls to achieve and just wanting to die. In others my mood improves, I have new ideas for school projects and want to get things down, I am very elated and in a good mood, and quite talkative and hyper which is unlike me, I am usually very reserved and quiet. I want to get things down and strive to achieve. But I often have a depressed episode during the course of the day when I am like this. Could this be a possible sign of cyclothymia or manic depression (its been going on for a while and I have phases where I am very happy and then very down with myself). I just dont really know what to do. Im very confused.
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You should discuss this with the doctor or psychiatrist who is treating your depression as it does potentially sound like some form of bipolar but only a psychiatrist would know for sure but if that were true and they updated your diagnosis and treatment then things would very likely improve. Either way discuss all this with them including printing out the mood tracker for them so they could make a conclusive decision.
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i agree with advocate ask a psychiatrist i feel the usual ups n downs too.. its a chemical imbalance def
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It could be mixed eipisodes if you are bipolar.  I'm like that sometimes, my mood can change at the drop of a hat and come back around.all in one day.  Yes, I would speak with my doctor about this.  It could be bipolar, maybe not,  but if it is bipolar, there are many good medications to keep your moods somewhat stable and good antidepressants to keep you out of a "funk".  I suggest you see your doctor soon to discuss your mood changes, you don't want it to get worse and it can very quickly.  The sooner you get help the better for you.  Take care, God Bless ,Hey Jude.
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Sounds like rapid cycling bipolar to me, but I am not a doctor. Just sounds like how I was in high school too. Talk to a psychiatrist as soon as possible and be very clear about the symptoms when describing them. Write them down if you have trouble remembering them, or start a mood tracker and bring in a copy. Do not let this get worse, ESPECIALLY if you are suicidal. Your life is really important. Hang in there! There is treatment for bipolar and you do not have to live in constant pain.
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As the others have said you need to discuss this with your GP.  Unfortunately in the UK it can be a long wait.  I was 15 when I first started showing outward signs and it took till I was 24 before I was diagnosed with Bipolar rather than depression.  A GP cannot give you the diganosis but they can refer you to a psychiatrist.  As you are under 16 you may need to go through CAMHS.  The healthprofessionals are not keen to give labels, especially to a young person.  Keep on with your mood tracker and take it with you when you next see your GP.  Always be honest, write things down and even leave these notes with your GP to read.

Don't feel alone, there are lots of us here that have struggled for years to get a correct diagnosis.  

Do you have family who you can talk to about all of this?  Support is very important.  If you ever need to PM me please feel free.
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