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Grey Hair

Hey everyone, this isn't an overly serious query but I'm 24 and had my first episode a few months ago and realise that I started to go grey (was light brown prior) when the episode came on prematurely. My mother didn't go grey until her late thirties so I am curious if anyone has found that perhaps they also have Bipolar and have greyed possibly prematurely?
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I read a thing a while back that said people can actually start getting gray hair in their early 20's and they just don't notice it because it's one or two hairs out of the hundreds of thousands or many you have on your head.  I noticed when I was 21 I had a gray hair as long as the rest of my hair and if you'll look at my profile pictures you'll see my hair is down past my shoulders a little bit.  I think I have one other one but can't remember precisely.  Hell I have several whiskers on my face that are purely white and have since I was like 19 years old.  I tried as I might to find a study correlating stress to graying hair because I've been stressed out beyond my threshold for it most of my life but none of them say there's any evidence for it.  And what the heck is it grey or gray?
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Its possible i have a friend who has a streak of white hairs on one side of his head and we noticed when we were kids about 15 or 16 its possible.. Its different for everyone ive been staying with my mom over the summer and know she doesnt dye her hair shes 54 and no visible greys
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