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How can I keep my wife from being prescribed benzos?

My wife recently may have TBI but has never had a proper diagnosis because they never give her a CT scan
when they pick her up or receive her at the hospital they just automatically assume it's drug based And end of story

She has had a head injury on multiplications right before she was committed
TBI  which is similar to psychosis well actually same thing. she was strapped down ina bed for over 4 days in a hospital where she wasn't allowed to get up to use the facilities herself or eat with her hands after I finally got her nicotine and her hand released she ate and was happy
But unfortunately too late  she was getting out with me CPR already submitted a court order to have her treated at a facility she was snatched out of my hands just as she was at the point she could come home on her own she's in a hospital where she's mixed up with 50 patients in nothing but a paper bag. She is being woken up all times of the day and night for medication that she doesn't want or need is there a legal action I could take to prevent her from ever being prescribed benzos again it's a dangerous drug and should be against a law to prescribe it's  use other than for snapping people out of psychosis or putting them to sleep for surgery never ever should it ever be prescribed for a treatment it leads to death no getting around it

Ps how can I get her out legally she's done no criminal action to put herself in there
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I'm wondering what happened with this. What a hard thing to deal with. I agree that benzo's cause a whole host of issues. Are you in the United States? I list my husband under my hippa paper work so that he can talk to my doctor. My doctor has never called my husband but I guess she 'could' and my husband could call them. Basically, it means that they can legally speak about my health. I think you need to bring up your worry to the provider. What about a chronic medication to control her mental health symptom?
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