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How do i get help without insuance?

How do i get help withouy\t insurance? I used to go to the local state runned agency, but was appaled at the quality of treatment i received. I have been diagnosed with bp nos during hospitilazation a couple of years ago. I cycle between a spectrum of deppresion hypomania and mixed states all through out a sigle day. I take 40mg of tegretol and 20 mg of prosac.I see a p doc who  does a kind of charitable thing for the community but none of the meds have been that effective or they stop working after acouple of months. Ive taken lithium serequel and the usual. I guess i need some affordable insurance....but all i can maintain is this part time job making peanuts. i just feel very alone even though im married and have a daughter i have no one who understands no one to relate to half the time i want to die the other half iwant to get wasted . I guess neither are benefecial. what the hell am i supposed to do?
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  I know that the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities is one option that can be of help if your state has it. Generally without insurance psychiatrists and other doctors have a fee that may not be affordable. There might be other insurance options as well depending what you qualify for. There are still mood stabilizers that you haven't tried. This is a full list:
If your psychiatrist is only familiar with some commonly used options you could ask for a referral to a psychopharmocologist or mood disorders specialist. Each psychiatrist has their own payment options and what insurance coverage they accept but for many reasons including medications and if you needed to go to the hospital (for any reason) its crucial to have insurance.
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There a number of Prescription assistance programs you can find on the web.  I was help with my insulin’s.  But it is hard to find a program for the treatment of mental illnesses.  Good Luck.
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