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How to deal with this before it turns into something bad?

I've never felt lonely before, but I do now for some weird reason. Its hard to explain, I just do.. Theres this guy who I used to talk to three years ago when I was on diet pills. He somehow found out where I lived, even though I never told him where I did live, and is now stalking me. All I remember of him is that he was a good friend to me. He prevented me from feeling more horrible than what I already was. I don't know, I just miss that sense of knowing that I always have someone who I can turn to no matter what. Someone who won't judge me or anything, someone who just listens. I don't have that in my real life. I have to turn to music, but lately it just has not been working that well. Don't know why.

I know this could turn into something bad, and I do want to make this feeling end because it feels too strange for me. Yet I don't know how to make it end before it does. How do I deal with this before it turns into something bad?
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I agree with the other poster but I would say having experienced the same thing (although not nearly as extreme) that when a person has experienced some form of emotional abuse from their parents that it makes them more vulnerable to experience it from others. If you are away from your parents I wouldn't suggest moving back. There are shelters for young adults that have experienced some form of abuse. If you don't have a stable living situation that might be one option. As for this person who keeps contacting you I would suggest taking out a restraining order. If you were on diet pills at the time then perhaps being that they are activating they altered your judgment. Its best to go with your gut instinct that its not a good idea.
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Have you tried your local NAMI.org?  Local churches and synogogs have self help groups. Do you journal?  When you feel lonely is it because you are depressed or is it because no one understands but the guy stalking you?  Btw, get away from him as quickly as possible.
Have you shared with any close friend that you feel lonely?
Being lonely because I have BP and not one friend has it or my kids, it sometimes feels really lonely.  I have some long time friends before being diagnosed and one is a counselor they help...ran one off from being too needy...but the rest hang in there.
But hanging on to this person is scarey.  Maybe contact the police 311 line...non emergency line and ask who you should talk to about this situation and who can help give you answers of how to break it off w/o it harming you.
Can you move and change your number?  Move back with your parents for awhile?
Move in with a couple of guy friends?
I'm not sure what to do, you do need to learn how to make healthy friends, a good book is called Boundaries.
Breakingapart, get police help, call the 311 nonemergency, tell others about this guy, change your routine and try to always have others near by. I wish you all the best.
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