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I'm sick of feeling this way.

I've been on Wellbutrin for awhile. I was also on a plethora of other medications until I went into the hospital. Since the hospital I've been on wellbutrin and Risperidal. I understand bipolar to be manic depression, but I'm either ok or depressed.(cont)
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I have no ambition. I think about suicide. I'm passive, unhappy, and I feel stupid. I have a hard time concentrating too. Is this all bipolar disorder?
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From what you have said it sounds like depression to me, but i am not a doctor. Bipolar is when you experiences one or more manic episode, ( as well as being depressed) some mania symptoms consist of, spending sprees, high energy levels, little need for sleep such as 2 or 3 hours of sleep needed a night, increased sex drive, pressured speech  and talkative, agitation, irritability, anger, easily distracted, highly creative, flight of ideas, laughs at everything, racing thoughts.

Google the symptoms of bipolar and depression and see what you think fits you better.

If i was you i would talk to your doctor about your diagnoses and discuss your views with them,as there is no point of being on medication and being treated for something you might not have.

best of luck
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