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Manic spell and Religon

I,know&Love the Lord.Iam not a church goer.I talk to him,each day. Why,is it we get so much closer to Jesus;while Manic? In the past yrs ago,I was so far gone(manicwise) I,felt as though I I ahd been underground or higher in the heavens.     Pat
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Being religious or spiritual is not a bad thing or praying or talking, or however you want to say it. But, the key is that when you're talking, does the Lord talk back. And I mean, a voice that appears to come from outside yourself that only you can hear? Also if you are seeing things no one else can see. Or believing things like you have powers no one else has, can go places no one else can reach as human, etc. These are generally signs that you should speak to your psychiatrist.

But, meditation and prayer are healthy things. It is not the same as losing touch with reality.
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Well,at the moment,we are keeping my mania at a,stay at home base.Usully,I have to be in hospital.My hubby&I noticed,I was abit off.I,yelled at him so strong&my gums&hearing ,or ears? Plus,very sensative to hearing cuboards in kitchen slaming???
I,do not hear the Lord actual voice(as you asked) however,I have felt in other mania spells,he is extremlly close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I,did go to Psyc Dr and he has me on Meds.After talking to me 1st time ever&for 5,minutes,he said Manic.I,agreed.I,had 1st spell after being on LSD in my teens.WE,didnt know what I reallt had,untill few yrs ago
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I am going through somewhat like you but prob differ... I do feel like the LORD is near but at the same time tormented. its just too much for me :(
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I feel closer to God when hypo. Maybe it is when we lose our inhabitions maybe we are able to experience God more closely. If you are guarded it is hard to be close to God. I do think though we need to watch where that line is. As said if you start seeing Jesus - then you are manic. Maybe God just knows you need him more when you are manic. As long as it is a positive thing than continue to be blessed by it. If you are tormented by it - chances are it is manic as God is a God of Grace (at least in my religion) who forgives sins forever. There is nothing we can do, manic or depressed that will make God love us anyless.

I have been struggling with the question of where is God when it hurts. Read a book by Philip Yancy on the subject. I don't know why God allows suffering but he didn't even save his own son from suffering and Jesus wept so we know he is there in our suffering and feels our pain.

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I'm glad you asked this question I wanted to post this question.

I feel sad because I don't have the same faith that I used to.  I'm scared to pray and ask God questions because I don't want to hear any voices.  

I read my medical reports and all the psych docs said I was "preocuppied with religion".

I thought I was close to God too, but it's like you said during mania.  

I've noticed a lot of preachers seem kinda mentally ill.  
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Would it not be safer to dismiss all religious experiences that happen to you in the manic state?  You know that you can't trust your mind when you are manic.  Why not ask God to speak to you when you are stable?
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From what I've read, hyper-religiosity isn't uncommon during mania.

I'll validate what lindahand said, "Maybe it is when we lose our inhibitions maybe we are able to experience God more closely. If you are guarded it is hard to be close to God."

From my experience, the center of it seems to be a quest for truth, understanding, beauty, and union...all of which is much easier when inhibitions are down and positivity is up. During those times I will seek it out wherever I can find it...both in Christianity which I still profess...and in just about any of the other worlds religions.

It makes for some colorful adventures, but they're just that, adventures. In that context I've never crossed the line into utter delusion so to speak. It's my sense of grandiosity & invincibility that brings me into that territory.

Some have said that the closer you get to the cross, the closer you get to Jesus' suffering...but it's redemptive. As long as you have a friend or family member (who understands your spirituality when you're not manic) to give you a reality check if they think you've gone to far, you should be ok.
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