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Omega 3s

I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2 for the past 3 years and on meds. I was also diagnosed with ADD but decided not to take meds for that considering I was already on quite a few. I read that Omega 3s can improve attention and so I decided to give them a try, no side effects. My attention span and ability to focus has increased tremendously. It is crazy how fast it worked as well (past 2 weeks). Ritalin did nothing for me in the past except make matters worse - so I gave up on ADD meds. The Omega 3 supplements have also improved my mood. I wasn't depressed, but I now feel like I have an added boost to my mood. The Seroquel leaves me feeling drugged in the morning and this seems to help wake me up a bit and clear my head.

I have been reading great things about it. Has anyone else here had success with adding Omega 3s to your meds?

**I have been taking a high dose ~5g. I probably don't need that much, but it seems to help. (4 X 1200mg gel capsules of fish oil)**

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According to a study by the University of Pittsburg, Omega 3 can have a positive effect on your mood. You can read more at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/03/060303205050.htm
I also use vitamin B Complex for my mood disorder and studies have shown that this may have a positive effect, especially those with bipolar disorder.
Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Thanks :) I was actually surprised to notice a positive effect when I really wasn't expecting any results from something "natural". I have always thought natural remedies were like snake oil - but this proved me wrong. There is no way I am going to take another medication on top of the 4 I take, so this seems like the next best thing. As long as I am able to study and focus better in school, I will take it. And I do not have to worry about medication interactions and side effects. Maybe it isn't good as medications, but it is better than nothing.
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hey there. my dr actually told me to start taking omega 3s after i had read about it in a natural remedy book.  i was pretty stable when i went off the depakote, and started the omegas a little bit later.  i just take 2 pills, and sometimes i forget, but i guess its working cause i havent really been depressed.
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I am glad they are working for you as well : ) I am still surprised with how well they are helping me.
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Omegas are also really important for women during their menstrual cycles..it lessens the depression associated the cycle (well, for me!)  It also helps with fertility.
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Even more I didn't know, thanks :)
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