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boyfreind deal with my bipolar tendancies of forgetting and messy at home?

I am bipolar, on down cycle messy as a turnado forgetful enough to cause many problems, the man i want to spend the rest of my life with is an extreme minimalist cleanfreak and gets instantly exhausted by my clutter and messes it doesnt help i currently have no job and live with 5 extremely mentally ill people of wich only one cleans, and i ofcourse forget to or have no time. my derpyderpderp dopy forgetfulness it can be so bad i will forget to breath somtimes, i will forget whole conversations, what i am doing whats going on where i am and we have no idea what to do. he also mostlikely has depression but he doesnt want to nutup and go see the doc. help? help? help? we are strong enough to get through this we just need help on where to start.

thanks guys

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Well, maybe you can go to see a regular counselor if your boyfriend is not willing to see one regarding mental health. If you see a counselor they could possible help you and your soon to be spouse how to put things into perspective.
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yeah im starting to think we need a couples councelor for our mental health lol. but i need to try and find a free one we are soo broke.
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You do have some challenges in your situation, but I'm glad you have someone close who loves you.  I have had a severe problem with messiness and what I call "distractedness-ability" since childhood.  For a couple of years I found ADHD meds helpful, but now I'm trying to handle this without the meds.  I found a great source of help, motivation, and support from the website/group SqualorSurvivors and the sister forum community. Some members are struggling with mental illness, but I discovered I had a lot in common with folks regardless and have improved so much. Researching hoarding is what brought me in contact with fellow messies.  Maybe you can seek an assessment for ADHD in the future.  Good luck.
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