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for the past week and a half, i haven't been able to sleep very well at all.
i will go to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning and wake up whenever my sons do...which is usually pretty early since they are young
it's like every time i lay down, i do nothing but toss and turn, even though i am very sleepy
idk if it is bc i have been having a bad problem with racing thoughts lately but i know i need sleep
i've tried things like tylenol pm and listening to relaxing music.
last night the music helped me go to sleep about 1:30 but i was up at 7 this morning
tonight, nothing is helping
it's 10 til 3 here and i am exhausted but when i lay down it's always the same thing as i mentioned before
if anyone has any advice or anything i would greatly appreciate it
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A few tips I know off the top of my head is to listen to white noise, don't have a clock where you can see it because then you end up watching it, and getting comfortable.
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i def don't have a clock near my bed bc i always do watch it lol
i try my best to get comfortable, but it never works
and what is white noise?
thank you for your comment :))

it's 7:30 here and i still haven't been to sleep :((
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Okay, first the questions. Do you drink any caffiene? Do you work out in the evening? Do you watch tv, late, or work or chat on the computer late at night? Do you snack at night or eat any kind of chocolate?
Those are ALL stimulants. You need to change your pattern on that. Take a warm/hot bubble bath with scented candles around with classical music, no radio then get pandoraradio.com which is free and put in classical station, brahms, bethoven, without words, it will play them for a long time.
Begin reading in bed after bath, novels, trilogies or poetry works for me.
But make it a nightly ritual right after you pick up from the day and after you put the boys to bed. Don't read more than a chapter. If all else fails I do a relaxation technique. You start at your feet and you make them go completely limp, you work through your entire body doing this until you get to your head, then tell your head to let go, be still, calm,go limp like the rest of the body. A little practice and this works. I used to stay up until 2 or 4 am every night. I had to relearn that I needed to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. You do too.
You didn't say if you have a mood disorder that could have something to do with this..
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i do a lot of those things :/
i've been listening to some of robert pattinson's songs
idk if you know anything about that though?
he's the guy that plays edward in twilight, but i recently discovered he has 10 songs where he only plays the piano and it's very beautiful and relaxing

but i will take your advice!
thank you so much for your help, i def need it
i've been up all night the past 2 nights and it's starting to wear on me

and yes, i forgot to mention it but i have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.
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