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working out makes me depressed

hi everyone.
Ive got a little question. Im working out at the gym lately trying to lose 4st and i find at after my session i feel really low i start crying i want to be on my own and i dont want to eat i just want to hide in the corner of a room on my own
Why is this i though this was good for me but it seems to be making me bad
these feelings always go away by the morning

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Why is it after a session?  Is it because you wish you would have started before?  I know that I got really, awkward after  going to the gym because I felt and was fat not muscle anymore, I decided to just workout and little by little I started to tell myself positive things like

I am going to get back into shape
I don't look good in these pants, so I am going to go to the good will store and buy myself something that I feel good in
I am going to lose weight

I find these really help me out.  Maybe it would be good for you to call someone right after the gym and talk to them.  I have a couple of girlfriends I speak too now.  
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thank for your reply
ill try ringing my mates or maybe take a mate to the gym
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