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Paragard Copper IUD/Corrosion/Depression

I'm interested in getting the Paragard Copper IUD but have some concerns.

1) My doctor stated that rusting does not occur with the Paragard Copper IUD. However, throughout my research, I've come across quite a few videos of the copper IUD being removed prior to its 10-12 years of expiration and the footage of the IUD during both a hysteroscopy and upon removal revealed the IUD to be corroded. For instance, one particular woman's testimonial showed an image of her Copper IUD after it was removed from her after only 7 years. The copper clearly appeared to be corroded and particles of it were very easily coming off. I would like to know more about this and what potential harm this could be doing to the body.

2)Many women have described having symptoms of depression & anxiety after the IUD was placed in them. I understand that there is a very small risk of these side effects occurring, but would like to know if getting the Paragard will exacerbate symptoms of depression for women who are already depressed.
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