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IUD Long Overdue...

I have a Mirena IUD since my son was born back in 2005. I had it replaced one time since so I'm EXTREMELY overdue I realize. Finding a doctor in my area has been tough lately. But after falling my normal OBGYN only to find I was basically booted out due to lack of appts which during the pandemic noone was going but I wasn't supposed to go except every 7 years was my understanding. But my doctor that normally sees me had left the clinic so I'm probly on the waiting list now due to that being why not becuz my lack of appts the first lady said. In any event, I am in a wait list which that she thot wouldn't come around to my name until January if not later becuz of appt scheduling out then as well. I did indicate to them that I haven't been seen in quite some time & that my IUD probly needs replacing soon but I didn't have any noticeable symptoms or problems other than the last 6 months to a year I've gained more than 30 pounds for literally no reason. No eating habit changes nothing but I'm also 56 yrs old and know this can be brought on by premenopausal symptoms too which using this in so long could cause me to go into that I would just normally assume just simply cuz it's all hormonal. I've never had this type of weight gain in my life especially that fast. Ive yo-yo'd a little bit from trtic life events, stress & anxiety from that which caused me to lose probly 30 pounds back beginning in 2012 to around 2015 I probly lost that same amount during that time. Could this be caused by losing so much weight then that wasn't natural to my body so it could be restoring the normal body weight or memory sort of like teeth I heard do even tho u have braces ur teeth remember where they used to be thus they'll always fight for that spot ur entire life rwgarldess of what u do. I'm not medical prof obv but I am pretty worried about the weight gain. I mean I've put on 3 whole pant sizes my whole wardrobe don't fit me that did last summer. It just came out of nowhere. I know other underlying medical things can cause this but my question is how concerned should I be to get into someone before January or further for appt. Should I go into the ER since I can't find someone sooner for this issue becuz of the symptoms? I'm fine otherwise. Have the norm darker color spotting or some light bleeding periodically but generally things are fine & as far as I can feel it is still in place. My bf mentioned that he read someplace that apparently having IUD in too long can require surgery to remove it too long since ur body starts growing tissue I think he said so now I'm super worried about it every single minute. I already know I could bop him upside the head for causing for that worry but his intentions were just in that I should worry he thinks and get into to see someone before the January time but well before. What do u think?
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