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Birth Control Fail (?) Please Help!

This is going to be detailed because my Doctor doesn't really help me so I have come to this forum for advice.

Background: I am a 19 year old college student that workouts everyday (1 to 2 hours) and is trying to eat healthier and remove college stress in life.

In September of last year I was on Lo Loestrin Fe for 3 months (for irregular periods and contraception) and took it perfectly. I had constant break through bleeding and horrible cramps, but it prevented pregnancy. I got off of this pill because of side effects and went on Microgestin for 2 weeks and it made me so sick I had to stop it. I was off the pills from about December 9th-January 14th. I started my period on Jan 14th and decided to go back on Lo Loestrin Fe because it was better than Microgestin.

My doctor gave me 4 sample months and I have never missed a pill. First pack I had a heavy period from Jan 14-20, then break through Jan 24-27 (2 days of heavy spotting, then light). I then had my period at the end of my pack starting a day early from Feb 4-10. I began the second pack on Feb 11th. I had unprotected sex twice (on Feb 11th and 14th) using the pull out method. I then had some heavy break through bleeding Feb 19-25. I assume I am not pregnant from those days because I had bleeding that resembled a pretty typical period- and I am prone to spotting on this pill. Also during the second pack I took a few (maybe 4 or 5) pills a little later than usual due to my busy college schedule and I took these, maybe at most, 2 and a half hours later than my normal time of 12pm.

On cycle days 22 and 23 (Feb 28 and March 1) I had unprotected twice sex using the pull out method. On cycle day 25 (March 3) I began to spot and it lasted into March 6th. The spotting seemed to be heavy in the beginning but then dwindled down each day. In the morning I would pee and there would be a good amount in the toilet and it would fill some of my tampon- not all. It was like a lighter period with some cramping the first two days and the blood was dark brown/red that had an orange like tint and small clots. On March 7th I was to begin the first of my four pills that I should have a period on- and it did not come. I took a test and it was negative.

Since then I have been paranoid my pills failed me. I am 9 days late now (unless that was my period) and I seem to think I have symptoms of pregnancy- but they could also link to the pills. I am obsessed with figuring out what's wrong- here are my symptoms that I have seemed to have:

Light nausea and dizziness (March 3), and some continuous nausea since then- but very light, I don't even know what feeling nauseous really feels like.  
Some headaches (Maybe 4)- but I am prone to these
Insomnia- maybe from anxiety and stress
Frequent urination- possibly from anxiety, fluid intake, or a possible UTI that I might have had from not peeing before/after sex
Light cramping randomly- I have had this quite a lot on the pill
No constipation or breast tenderness
Bloating- I feel as if I bloat easily
I haven't noticed much in my eating habits- I am trying to be healthier by working out more again and eating better
Minimal- and I mean very small amount- crumbly, thick, dry CM that I have noticed in my thong, but Thursday night (March 13) and last night I seemed wetter than usual since I've been so dry lately, it was watery but I don't know if it was because of some sexual arousal
When I had spotting my cervix was low and hard and stayed that way until around March 9th and now I can barely even reach it and I cannot tell if it is open/closed. It feels soft but there also feels like something is hard up there- I can't tell!

I took another pregnancy test last night (By the way all of my tests have been First Response) at 5:30pm because I was anxious and it was negative. I took one again this morning and it was negative as well.

I am so scared that they are not accurate. Should I go to Planned Parenthood for a blood test or anything? I have heard horror stories of girls not being able to tell until way later in their pregnancy- and as a college student I am not prepared for a baby. I am trying to improve my life and this is causing so much stress. I am in need of advice. I realize there is a chance of being pregnant any time you have unprotected sex and that I may not have enough HCG in my body- but can anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated and I will be very thankful.

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When I was trying to conceive my son, I would convince myself I was pregnant and my body would exhibit symptoms. I would get multiple negative tests and still be convinced. If you believe you are pregnant, you can actually exhibit symptoms even though you aren't. In my opinion, you are not pregnant. You would have had enough hcg to test positive by now. If you are still worried and a negative home test isn't enough, go get a blood test.
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Update: yesterday I started to get dull cramps and thought my cervix felt lower. I now have cramps like I would get before a period, and when I went to the bathroom I wiped and there was some pink/light blood. I also put a tampon in and I'm going to see what it looks like soon. Is this implantation bleeding or my period finally coming?
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That's a good start....if u coming home 4 spring break ur Dr mayb able or just call ur Dr 2 c if it's something that he/she could give u 2 help......hope u get the info that u r looking 4......I'll pray 4
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Well, my doctor is in my home town and I'm in college so I can't really make an appointment. I'm planning on going to Student Health at my college to see if they'll do it
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Is ur Dr a Gyn specialist? If not find 1  & make an appt n ur spare time 2 have a blood test or and ultrasound. There r others forms of birth control like vaginal or arm Implants that way u don't have 2worry bout if u r pregnant or not...hope this help
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Thank you- you've been the most helpful to me in this situation. May I ask you a few more questions? Is it normal for your cervix to be "out of wack" I guess you could say, and what does pregnancy CM look like? I'm having some more discharge but I've had this before..even when I wasn't on BCP. Also, how long do blood tests take to get results/how accurate are they? Thank you so much!
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