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MRI for Brain results unclear

Dear Doctor,

I hope you can help me out with my query.

My mother is 55 years old and we live in Dubai. She was constantly complaining of her head spinning and feeling giddy whenever she got up suddenly or made any sudden movement. So we took her for an MRI and the doctor who we've been consulting said she has tiny little clots which will go with medication and exercise. They have out her on aspirin and omega tablets.

Below is the MRI report:

Axial T1, T2 FLAIR WIs (plates 1,2,3)
Sagittal T1 WIs (plate 4)

1. Multiple minute parenchymal foci of altered signal intensity are seen scattered in both frontal, high parietal and temporal regions assuming subcortical and deep white matter locations. They display high signal intensities in T1 and FLAIR WIs and exert no mass effect.
2. Normal outlines and signal characteristics of the corpus callous.
3. Prominent cortical sulci.
4. Normal size and configuration of the supra and infra tentorial ventricular system.
5. Normal appearance and signal pattern of the parts of the brain stem and both cerebellar hemispheres.
6. Mucosal thickening of both ethmodial air cells, maxillary Antra and frontal sinuses.
7. Hypertrophied right inferior nasal concha with slight deviation of the nasal septum to the right side.
8. Cloudy eft mastoid air cells.

1. Multiple parenchymal cerebral foci of signal alterations probably of vascular etiology (ischemic foci)
2. Ethmodial, maxillary and frontal sinusitis
3. Left mastoiditis.

I hope you will really be able to help me out explaining what's wrong and what is the remedy for the above!

Thank you soo much
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question. Unfortunately my field of research is Brain Body Fitness: How the brain relates to movement so i will advise you to post in the Neurology Forum where there is an excellent doctor that could assist you.
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