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Young person, Old brain

     I am 23. Nearly five years ago I got a scratch on my forehead above the center of my eyes. Every few months I get a bump in the exact same spot. I know this because there's a dark spot that never goes away which is always the center of the bump. If I lean forward while the bump is present it feels like blood is rushing into it. Over the years my brain function has become noticeably worse. Problem solving and remembering have become difficult. I feel like there's always a wall up in my brain and the answer is just on the other side. If someone tells me their name or asks me to do something, I forget in about 1-3 minutes. I could once remember the names and faces of ten people.
                 Three years ago I nearly fainted. The blood in every part of my body from head to toe seemed to rush downward. My vision slowly went black. I was hot and having a hard time breathing. I vomited and went to sleep. Woke up feeling fine. The same thing happened about two months ago. I was taken to an ER where nothing was found. I get the same blood rushing sensation in my head when I run my fingers through my hair.
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