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brain fog

My brain doesn't work anymore!!!   I have had difficulty in concentrating, focus & memory for as long as I can remember, but nothing like this.  My short term memory is horrible.  I remember something one minute & it's gone the next.   I can't remember anything I read.  I have alot of trouble focusing..sometime's having to read the same thing over because nothing registered the first time.  I struggle to find the right words when I speak.  I feel my head is empty--even though I read all the time.  I can't remember any of it.  I am very self conscience about it.  I feel like I am turning into an idiot.  Sometimes people are talking to me & I ask them a question about something they just told me about-because I could register everything they were saying.  

I take Lexapro, 10 mg & I am a vegetarian.   I've been talking anti-depressants for over 15 years.  I started taking Prozac, was on for 10 years.   I take lots of vitamins.   I just don't know how to fix this.  I am 46.   I do brain fitness games & I do really well.  However, my short term memory for everything else is pretty bad.  I process health insurance claims for a living & do fine at that.  (although, it's alot of repetition)  i am getting so self conscious that I am avoiding people.  I've lost friends because they think I don't care.    I can't live this way.  

Don't tell me I'm dehydrated.  I don't have any physical problems except depression.  It's not severe.  I just feel apathetic.  My weight is 115 at 5'5.  Don't know what to do.
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Hi there and thanks so much for your question and welcome to the Brain Body Fitness Forum!
This answer is just information and never should replace any medical advice.

Brain fog is an extremely common feeling that many people experience and believe it or not exercise, blood transfer to the brain helps you unclutter that brain.

It really looks that you are going through more a period of anxiety than a structural brain problem but I understand your concern since sometimes I go through those periods. In my opinion i understand your concern but it really looks you are in high stress and being really critical to yourself. In the case you think it is a more serious matter please post in the Neurology forum but I am going to try to give you a different approach:

Lets going to try to rewire your brain in a different way and see if you substantial differences:

I will like you to do this plan for the next four weeks and see if it helps you regain focus, concentration and physical performance; Do this circuit twice one in the morning and on in the evening

1. Meditate for 5 minutes: Close your eyes and practice breathing techniques where you empty your mind focusing in every single part of the breathing

2. Take your favorite newspaper and read the cover for 30 seconds then in an empty piece of paper write down as many headlines as you remember

3. Practice this exercise: raise opposite arm and leg and do it twenty times as fast as possible. Then raise one leg and close one eye hold if for ten seconds then change

4. Practice reading and write down an essay like you were in school

5. Keep working brain fitness games

Stay motivated, energized and highly enthusiastic....I hope it helps please let me know how it goes....
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