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Headache for two weeks, should I worry?

I’ve been having headaches since nov. 6 (a day before my period) it started with just this feeling of heaviness, like a normal headache and I had associated it with my period. But 2-3 days after, I started feeling this ache from the back of my head, top, forehead, and to my eyebrow area. It would usually occur on one side first then they’d alternate. My right ear also momentarily lost hearing twice (like when you’re on a plane) and then I heard this ringing sound that would last for 2 seconds (tinnitus) and this usually happens to me way before. My ENT was normal so ear infection can be ruled out. I’ve been lying in bed since all this except for one day when I went to the mall and felt a little dizzy while walking. I have already gone to the doctor and was only prescribed pain killers. Now the pain has subsided. I now only experience it 4-5 times a day with less intensity. I’m worried that it may come back worse and that there’s a serious underlying issue like aneurysm or a tumor. Also, I recently stopped taking birth control pills so I sometimes like to think these are just withdrawal symptoms to make me at peace. But I desperately need help from those who’ve encountered this or been diagnosed with any brain disease so you can share your experience. Thank you.
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