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Orgasm After Concussion??

Hi everyone,
I know this is an odd topic, but I'm worried. I had a mild concussion and went to a doctor, who gave me a CT scan that came back negative, meaning everything in my brain looked fine. Two weeks after the concussion I mastrubated, and I was worried that it could've worsened the condition of my concussion or even caused a chronic subdural hematoma, just because I know you're supposed to take it easy after a concussion and orgasm raises your BP and all. Most of my symptoms of the concussion have gone away, aside from double vision. Thoughts?
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Only two weeks had passed?  

Pardon my asking, and if it's too private, feel free to not answer, but does your masturbation technique involve thumping your head against something like a wall?  'cause as you may know, the injured brain that's been bruised by a concussion is Very susceptible to major possibly fatal damage resulting from merely a lesser follow-up thump, within say (guessing) a month.

If not, I'd say it's totally o.k.
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If you are still having double vision, I think you should go back to the doctor and get that checked, but I don't think it's because you masterbated.  Late-persisting concussion symptoms do happen, and it's not because of having sex two weeks after the concussion.  You don't need to worry about that.  What you do need to do is taking all possible precautions against having another concussion, ever, because it sounds like the one you just had was pretty severe.  If you are playing contact sports, or if you have dangerous hobbies, it might be time to reconsider that.  But you can have all the sex you want.  Even if an orgasm immediately after a concussion is inadvisable (and it probably is), two weeks is long enough to wait.  You can stop feeling guilty.  Just get the double vision checked out, and try your best to avoid having any more concussions.  Good luck.
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@ScalpMassager it definitely doesn't involve banging my head in any way.
Thank you both for your help and advice! It really helps put my mind at ease
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Well, I know this question was asked over four years ago and whether any one is still reading the original question, I would not know. I can say this, as a person who has had multiple, multiple, multiple concussions, that sex definitely has an impact on concussion symptoms and recovery. Regarding masturbation, this I can not for certain, but if it involves somewhat strenuous movement to the head, then yes, it could affect and could exacerbate symptoms. I don't masturbate, but I have had, sex during concussion recovery and my symptoms always increase afterward, even if the sex is not strenuous. It is the movement of the head that cause such, so due to my head injury history and experience, any movements that affect movement of the head can have a negative affect on concussion symptoms and recovery.

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