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Hi, I am a 45-year-old male. Around Thanksgiving in November 2022. I started having a constant headache on my left side and then it moved to the right side. Did we keep switching sides. That one on for about two weeks and then I went to the emergency room where they did a CAT scan and said everything looked perfect, except I had chronic sinus disease with mucus retention, cysts and possible polyps. Also, at that time I had a torn rotator cuff and an issue with my AC joint. So after the CAT scan, the headaches still persistent. On April 2023. I ended up having rotator cuff surgery. Between December and the surgery. The headaches were constant but sometimes I would go a few days without really any headache. The headaches tend to be in the same spot on top of my head on the left side. I went to a few neurologist, and they said it could be a multiple two of things such as tension headaches from the shoulder or an issue with the sinuses. That’s irritating, the nerve running from the eyebrow up to the spot on the top of my head where it hurts.  I have had no other symptoms of anything besides the headache. My left side where the headache is also has a very tight neck, muscle and shoulder that goes into the upper back and trap. I was just at the neurologist a few months back again for a follow up, and she gave an injection into the nerve  at my eyebrow and in the back of the head which seem to help for a few days. She reassured me that there is nothing such as a brain tumor as if I have had these headaches for over a year and a half there would be other symptoms besides the headache.  She thinks again that it is tension. Headaches caused by the shoulder into the neck which wraps around to the top of the head down to the eyebrow. Also, nothing makes it worse, not exercising, bending over running. Would any of you be concerned with a burning tumor?  it’s literally just that same spot on the top of the head and then it will move to the eyebrow and sometimes go across the forehead.
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