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MRI Scan Findings

This is a copy of the MRI Scan results which i was sent. Can anyone tell me what some/all what this means?
Findings: There is a very unusual anomaly affecting the left paraterminal gyrus and subcallosal area. These are enlarged and project down towards the left side of the optic chiasm. The medial portion of the anterior perforated substance is also affected. The sella is large and substantially empty. The remainder of the brain is normal.
Conclusion: Very unusual anomaly affecting the left-sided septal nuclei. These are anterior projections of the hippocampus and may therefore be relevant to mood and personality. The appearances suggest this is a congenital disposition, and there is no signal change to suggest a progressive lesion. However I cannot entirely exclude a cortical dysplasia.
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I am not a doctor so I can only give you guesses and what I know from my experience.

The way this is worded, the radiologist is not sure exactly what the lesion (be it tumor, cyst etc) is and so you may have to have more testing or imaging. It is located in an area where it may be impacting mood and it is close the the optic nerves. You also have what is called "empty sellla syndrome" where the sella appears empty. The sella is where the pituitary sits and that can also impact mood and many other things, and that requires specialized testing.

The wording about "congenital" to me means that this lesion has been present since birth, and but he cannot exclude other things.

You need more testing. More imaging. Do keep us posted.
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Thank you for your answer. Where it mentions the Pituitary does this mean that this is not there anymore?
It may be there, but it cannot be seen. It may be compressed. The compression can cause hormonal imbalances. Get copies of tests.
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