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12 year old son with sore lump under the skin by nipple

Hi this is my first time on this site and I needed to find out if I should be concerned about a sore lump my son has under the skin by his nipple.  He just discovered it yesterday and brought it to my attentions a couple hours ago.  Should I be concerned of a tumor or breast cancer or could this be more along the lines of puberty.  Someone please help me to clear my fear of something bad being wrong.  I am planning on taking him to the doctor regarding the concern but I just wanted to hear from others if they have has the same experience or just have medical advise.  Thank you so much in advance.
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Hello Mahagen,
a lump under the nipple in any teenage boy is usually physiological.( it is normal phenomenon being a part of the growth phase during the puberty). This should not worry you. this is condition is called Physiological Gynaecomastia.
You can further consult your family physician to reconfirm the condition.
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