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6 yr. old breast lump with pain

My 6 year old daughter just noticed a pain and lump under her nipple.  The lump feels like a little marble under her skin.  The doctor said her hormones coud be causing this and just wait and see is signs of pubertal hair begin and then we can go from there or it will go away on its own and it could just be gynomastias.  She is having a lot of pain and we are very concerned.  Should I get a second opinion?  Any other ideas of what this could be?

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These lumps are fairly common in children (both boys and girls) and are usually a result of hormonal changes in their young bodies. From what I hear from pt.s they are usually quite tender but not really painful .... unless squeezed or pushed on with some pressure. If you aren't comfortable with the opinion of your Physician then by all means seek a second opinion.    Regards ....
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