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Armpit lump for a decade

Doctor, I'm 38 yrs and noticed the small 'ball bearing' lump in my left armpit (since >10 yrs ago) has grown bigger (around 0.8cm) and irregular in shape (to the touch and visible). When I press it, I feel a numbing sensation down the left arm. My left nipple retracted after my 2nd child was born (she's 9 yrs now). The left breast feels heavier and lumpier than the right side, too, and is a little painful when pressed.  I do monthly breast examination but cannot feel lumps in that breast.  Please advise if the armpit lump and other breast symptoms listed above are synonymous with breast cancer.  I dare not go to the doctor as I do not have any health insurance and am afraid that insurance companies will not cover me upon knowing I may have cancer.  Can a small ball bearing like lump become cancer? If so, what stage am I likely to be at?
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Hi.  That lump in your armpit which has been there for the past ten years could be a lymph node.  It's too soon to tell if that lump/node is cancerous.  The fact that it's been around for a long time implies that it probably isn't malignant.  I think that the proper thing to do is to have a mammogram or breast ultrasound done, so we can examine your breasts and that armpit lump more closely.  Any suspicious lesions seen on mammogram/ ultrasound may need to be biopsied.  Only then will we be sure what we're dealing with.
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