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Asymmetrical tissue/density, should I be worried?
I'm only 23 years old and though it is rare for women in their 20s to get breast cancer, my ob/gyn said its time for me to begin having mammograms due to my mother getting it when she was 29. I will say there is no history in my family of cancer, my mother unfortunately got breast cancer at 29 not because of it being passed down or being in the family but because she worked in a hospital that dealt with chemicals and the chemicals caused the cancer, half her team also got cancer and some died, my mother is well though thank God. I had my first mammogram June 2012 and a letter arrived saying i needed additional views. When I picked up the prescription to get it redone the paper said left breast. The day of the repeat mammogram they only took a few pictures of my left breast, the tech saying they needed to see the tissue. After the mammogram I had an ultrasound done, the doctor came into the room to watch (the part that scared me) he then sat me down and said the ultrasound is normal but he sees something in the mammogram, if there wasn't cancer history in my family he would tell me go home i'll see you in your 30s but because of my mothers history he wants to make sure what it is. He wants me to have a breast MRI. That afternoon my ob/gyn called me to tell me that they see asymmetrical tissue and its dense. I have not been able to sleep. Should I be worried?
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A  breast density is really non-specific finding that may or may not point out to a possible abnormality.
If a mammogram finds that there is an asymmetric density, this usually means that an area of the breast is obscured and appears as a shadow.
A diagnostic mammogram is often needed to focus on the area. If the density remains, then further investigation will be recommended such as an MRI..This density could very well be a cyst or a fibroadenoma,both benign in nature,but at your young age your breasts are undoubtedly dense and it makes it hard for radiologists to clearly identify what this density really represents.
MRI's are very good tool to see through dense breast and you doctor is really taking very good care of you for suggesting to have the test done.It could be that your mom had breast cancer caused by chemicals,but no one can be sure of that and I commend your doctor who is being cautious and leaving nothing to chance.
Hoping that the MRI test will clarify everything and you'll have nothing to worry about..
All the best...
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