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Blue painful vein (Left breast) after breast reduction surgery


I had breast reducation surgery before one year. A long blue vein just appread before few months in my left breast.There are also some tiny red veins at one part near this blue vein. The right breast has no blue vein. I feel pain in my left breast sometimes its like a shooting pain that comes for a second or half minute and it goes. It happens around 4 times in a day. Is it a sign of inflammatory breast cancer?

I want this vein to disappear and I want to get pain free. Second issue is the red scar tissue around the areola that does not fades in both breasts plus the red scar around the crease of the breast. Please suggest something that can stop this pain from my left breast and can make this blue big vein/ little red veins to disappear from my left breast. I also want the tiny red veins to disapper from my right breast.

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Hospital now! you may have a cellulitis infection from the surgery_it can become narcotizing if not treated and lead to the need for amputations or even cause death (I lost a bunch of skin and some muscle from my left arm due to it).
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