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I am 25 and for the past month I have been experiencing a burning sensation in my right nipple. For the past few months the right breast also becomes extremely tender that if anything touches it I feel like someone punched me in the chest and I get a constant sensation like my nipple is leaking (but it is not). I was dx with cervical cancer in 2013 (83% coverage on cervix) and the doctors wanted more tests to find out if it was in other places but have been unable to afford doctors visits. Please help, I am trying to gain some insite on what is happening to me.

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There can be several possibilities that could cause nipple pain. It could be hormonal changes, injury or friction, and also infection.
Nipple and breast pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer and I don’t think it is related to your cervical cancer,but I wouldn’t ignore this problem and urge you to see your doctor for an exam. Anytime you notice something odd or unusual in one breast and not in the other it is something to check into.
Best wishes…

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