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Breast lump

I found a lump in my breast and I had it checked out and my OBGYN said she had never felt one so deep and under my breast tissue before.  So I go and have it checked out and all they do is an ultrasound. The woman never could see anything on the ultrasound but could feel it and it kind of hurts.  Then they just said it was breast tissue. Should I go get a second opinion or not worry about it?????
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I am curious as to why a Mammogram wasn't recommended. It's usually Mammogram .. then Ultrasound to differentiate between a solid lump and a fluid filled cyst. It may well be due to hormonal changes; those lumps do appear and are rather tender but tend to come and go in relation to hormone levels. i think I would want a more definite answer so perhaps your Primary Care Physician would be a wise choice. You could consult a Breast Specialist and take your films and reports to be reviewed. I would want an answer and do whatever I had to do to get it. Every new finding in the breasts should be ck.d out and you are smart to persue this.   Good Luck....
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