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Breast pain after surgery

I had a breast resecton - lumpectomy in November 2007. The mass was non-cancerous. A hematoma developed shortly after the surgery. I also have a seroma. My breast is still extremely swollen and very painful. The doctor has done one aspiration of my breast due to the build up of blood. He is waiting for my wound to heal and then he is going to do a revision. I am still bleeding and have no feeling in the nipple of the breast that I had surgery in. I also still have a lot of pain.

Has anyone else gone through this? Any hints?
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You should take some OTC pain relief medications, try some breast massage and breast exercises. This would help.

Also it would be advisable to wear lose clothes and supportive bra like a sports bra.

This would also help decrease the soreness.

Your surgeon is right that it will resolve in some time. If not you should follow up with your surgeon.

Hope this helps.

Do let us know about your progress.

Good luck.
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