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Can a cyst in your breast become something else?

Last year a had a lump come up in my lower left breast and it was diagnosed as a simple cyst, a few months ago I noticed that it had become larger and I have had some pain with it so I decided that it it probably needed to be looked at, surprise!!!! Now it has been rated a birads 4 and my report states “irregular hypoechoic mass antiparellel to skin, biopsy strongly recommended “, so I have my consultation in two weeks, my question is, has anyone ever had this happen before?
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Unfortunately, irregular margins and antiparallel orientation are suspicious features. Make sure you follow through with the recommendations. Good luck!
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i had a mamagram done last 11-7-2019 they found a knot close to my left nipple they want me to go back 11-18-19 they r going to do more test on me i am so scared
I hope you returned for the diagnostic study. How did it go?
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Arghh.  That's always scary.  Do you think they misdiagnosed it as a cyst early on?  I had a cyst in my breast that was aspirated. In the other breast I had calcifications that needed biopsy, birad 5 (scared the total poop out of me).  What is your next step to learn more?  Oh, and by the way, birad 5 and no cancer.  So, try not to worry until you have to.
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I am so happy to know that your birads 5 ended up being nothing but I hate that you had to go through all of the worry and fear. My apt next week is to discuss my findings and biopsy if needed, so for right now I am staying busy, I find my brain likes to play the what if game when it isn't occupied ;)
Oh, I agree.  Our mind can work against our remaining calm.  I will be waiting to hear and please know that it often does turn out to be 'something else'.  Let me know how you are next week and do something nice for yourself today!  TLC is needed at times like this.  hugs
Special mom, sorry it’s been awhile, as of today I am still not sure what is going on, I met with the surgeon and she sent me for a mri, I received the report (still haven’t heard back from surgeon) and it states that there is nothing in my left breast to which I would have to disagree considering that it now protrudes when I lift my arm and I feel like it has enlarged, I definitely want a second option or reading of that report and I will ask for another ultrasound of the area, till then I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a most wonderful new year
I think a second opinion is always a great idea.

This is a study that shows the value of getting a second opinion on breast cancer diagnoses. It doesn't apply totally to you, and it's limited, but it does show how important it is - https://www.breastcancer.org/research-news/value-of-second-opinion-for-breast-cancer-dx

Best of luck, and keep us posted!
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https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4644748/ - according to this, "irregular hypoechoic mass" can mean quite a few different things, and definitely not always cancer. They found that some were foreign matter, fat tissue, scar tissue, etc.

I also found this - https://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/benign/cysts - "About 25% of all breast masses turn out to be cysts."

So there's still a decent possibility that this is still a cyst, or it's something else entirely.

I couldn't find much about a cyst turning into a mass.

I'm sorry you have to wait. The waiting is the worst part of medical treatment, I think.

Let us know what happens.

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Thank you for the information, I have been staying of the internet as much as possible, it seems anytime you try to research anything medical it is always doom and gloom (especially with Dr. Google) my apt is next week, I will let you know, once again, thank you
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