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Dense Mass on Mammogram

Hi - I am posting under my husband's account.  I am a 41 year old woman.  A few weeks ago I had my first mammogram since turning 40.  The technician noticed a dense mass in the left breast - I'm unable to feel anything myself so the doctor suggested comparing the films to my original baseline mammogram from five years ago.  Well, since then I had moved and it took a while to get the original films from my old doctor but now they're in and they want me to come in for further tests.

I have no family history of breast cancer so while I'm naturally concerned I'm wondering what else this mass could be besides a tumor.  Like I said, I cannot feel anything when I do a self-exam.  I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and took birth control pills to help regulate my cycle.  I gave birth to my second child about nine months ago and breast-fed for several weeks, and I did not go back on birth control afterwards per my endocrinologist's recommendation (my husband had a vasectomy) - could those be contributing factors?

Any similar experiences or advice would be appreciated.
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This lump in your breast could be anything and not necessarily alarming.
A high percentage (80%)of lumps detected by Mammography are benign in nature,like cysts, fibroadenomas or other non cancerous masses.
The additional tests required by your radiologist,could be a spot compression mammogram that will focus on the area of suspicion and help to clarify.An Ultrasound, if needed, might follow.Until these tests are performed,no one can know for sure what's going on.
If it's a simple cyst,no further treatment will be needed,but if the mass is solid and appears with suspicious characteristics,then a biopsy will be recommended.
BTW,certain medications may cause lumps or breast pain, especially birth control pills.
I wouldn't worry,if I were you for now.Further tests are needed to make sure that your breasts are healthy,that's all.
Best wishes and good luck!
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