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Fluid after bilateral mastectomy

I am 22 years old and just had a bilateral mastectomy alittle over two weeks ago and had tissue expanders put in at the same time to start reconstruction. Everything looks good and the drains came out a few days ago but now there seems to some fluid building up just in my breasts where the expanders are nowhere else. There's no pain no redness or anything I have not talked to my doctor yet I am calling tomorrow but just wanted to get some opinions from others.
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It's not unusual to have some fluid build-up after Mastectomy. Often it will be absorbed in time but drains can be replaced or the fluid drained if it becomes a problem.  Regards ....
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Thanks for the respons I figured that and hopefully it will go away on it's own the drains get in the way and are kinda a pain in the butt I hope I don't need them put back in
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