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I have had 16 fibroid adenoma tumors removed from my breasts and 1 papilloma tumor removed over the course of 38 years on an average of every 2 years.  

I have two more fibroids one in my armpit and one within the axillary tail of the left breast and one by my nipple. I had an ultrasound that picked up 3 lesions and an MRI that only picked up 2 and my surgeon tells me that he won't take out one of the lumps because it was not identified on my MRI. Any way, I may be dealing with this in another way.

Although they have said they appeared to be that of a fibroid which is what I normally grow; however I am concerned about something I noticed below my armpit. Because I am over weight I have a couple of fatty roles on my sides just under my armpit along the bra line on both sides, but the one under my left armpit ,where the one lump is, has two dimples on it and it hurts constantly, especially when I wear my bra and sleep on that side.

I am concerned that the diagnosis is and it may be something else this time. I did read of a cancerous tumor that presents like a fibroid and the only way to know for sure is to have a biopsy done on it. So I am wondering if anyone else out there has had dimpling on the bra line under the armpit that has had a tumor in the armpit and if so, did they discover whether or not the lump caused it and if so did it turn out to be cancerous?

I can only find information on dimpling on the actual breast which is not helping to guide me on what to do about it, because I mentioned it to my GP and the surgeon and they blow blew it off saying it was nothing and not related to my breast lump issue.
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well the problem I am having is it is not actually on the breast it is on the role along my bra line and it is not really a dimple there are two distinct creases and I can feel something in there. The other side of my body also has a fatty role and this one is normal and there is no creases and nothing under the skin and most importantly it does not hurt like the side with the fibroid under my arm .So although I have a history of growing fibroids and I normally do not worry about them this one is definitely making me worry, that it may be an issue. My mom had breast cancer and passed away 6 years ago. She was stage 4 when they found her lump.

The pain in this role goes all the way into my back and under my shoulder blade and up along the right side of my shoulder blade along the spine area. When I sleep on this side I wake up in pain and my bra causes me pain and I just feel I need more information to take to the doctors to convince them to do more checking . So if anyone has had this same issue I thought maybe I could take this as proof that they should be more thorough and order another ultrasound on this area which has not been done before
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You seem to have quite a lot of information ..... I read your comment on another post recently. Dimpling can occur anywhere and as you stated above when fatty tissue is involved as it seems to be in your situation. Dimpling of the breast is usually caused by something deep in the tissue pulling inward and thus changing the look of the skin surface. You might consider seeing a different Breast Specialist if you don't have 100% confidence in you current Physicians.  Regards .....
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