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Hematoma, Nerve Pain after 2 Stereotactic Core Biopsies

During 2 sets of stereotactic core biopsies, I felt the a gush of pain and then a sharp and severe pain on the 2nd biopsy.  At that instance, the doctor explained he was putting in the metal clip.  After the procedure, he said that he hit a blood vessel.  My breast had a long streak of blood and developed a large hematoma, probably as big as a golf ball.  I was in severe pain for 2.5 weeks, could bearly get out of bed or ride in a car and now after a month, I'm still applying hot compresses thoughout the day.  I have tearing pain under my arm pit and around my rib cage under my breast.  I also keep feeling the 2 metal clips - one mid breast and upper breast.  I still get a gnawing pain with the hematoma and shooting, pricking, stinging, stabbing pains in my breast especially the area where I felt the doctor put in the 2nd clip.  I kept feeling fatigue in my upper breast and when it's cold, my breast tissue breast contracts and I can feel the metal clip pain like a sharp poking sensation.  One of my doctors explained that this pain might not go away.  She gave me a numbing shot to the nerve in my breast to reduce the nerve pain.  
I'm having a tough time because I also have genetic heart failure and already endure debilitating chest pain like a heel in my chest.  During the day, if my heart has trouble, it exasperates my breast pain because my circulation gets bad.  
Will these breast pains resolve?  One of the doctors said that the hematoma may get better after several months.  Do hematomas some times have to be excised?  One doctor also said that the metal clips might have to be removed if the pain does not resolve?  Has anyone had any experience with this and any of these treatments?
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After the incision site heals,it's not unusual to experience occasional sharp shooting pains in the breast.Many women complain about this kind of pain after a biopsy,because ( as your doctor correctly stated) during the procedure some nerves are disturbed or severed.It's hard to predict how long the pain will last... When it's due to nerve damage, it can take several weeks and sometimes even months for the pain to subside, but it should slowly improve along that time line.To help in the healing process,you could continue to apply warm compresses, and gently massage your breast.Usually small hematomas go away on their own after a while.Larger ones can be drained but unfortunately they can sometimes recur.
If this is causing a lot of problems,the alternative would be to discuss with your doctor if the hematoma could be resolved through surgical evacuation.
Also wearing a good supportive could help lessen the pain.Over the counter medication such as Acetaminophen or ibuprofen usually can address the pain related to this type of nerve injury.Please note that you should see your doctor if things don't improve and your breast  is increasingly painful or the incision site is swollen,red and you develop a fever, to make sure that you don't have an infection.
When we have a minimally invasive breast biopsy, such as you had, the standard of care is to place a tiny stainless steel or titanium clip on the spot where the tissue was sampled.I had this clip placed on my biopsy site and it did not bother me at all.The titanium chip is the size of a "Pinhead" It is not felt or cause any pain and will not "travel" anywhere. It will remain within the breast tissue, in the exact spot it is placed, until surgically removed.
The clip serves as a landmark to identify the area that was biopsied on future mammograms. If there's ever a need for surgical removal of more tissue, then the surgeon can use the clip as a bull's-eye marker during surgery and the clip will be automatically removed..Some women decide to remove it,for whatever reason,but it will make it harder for a radiologist to read future mammograms.
In my opinion. your pain is mainly due to nerve damage rather than the clip,but ultimately it's your choice to have it removed if you and your Breast Surgeon think that this could be the problem.
Hoping that you'll feel better soon and that your biopsy results are benign.
Best wishes..
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