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In the year 2006 I found out that I have breast cancer. The cancer was surgically removed shortly after that and I begun with the chemo therapy. First I had 4 therapies of adriamicin plus 4 therapies of Texol together (on 21 day). After that I had 8 Therapies C. During the Therapy C I started with intravenous Herceptin therapy every 21 day. Until now I had 42 herceptin therapies on every 21. day and after september 2009 I started with new cycle of herceptin therapy, but this time every 3 month (tree times stronger therapy). Since september last year I had 4 of these strong therapies and I am stil on this therapy (all together 54 therapies).

Is there anyone woth similar therapy record or anyone who knows what awaits me after some time?

Thank you.



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Yes, there is someone who knows what awaits you in regard to your treatments--the oncologist who is prescribing them for you!

Please discuss your treatment plan and other questions that you may have with him/her.  That is the person that knows all the details of your case as well as your complete medical history and the protocol that is standard in your country.

Although we are here to provide support and general information, we cannot predict what treatment will be recommended for an individual by her treatment team.

Best wishes...
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