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Hypoechoic Lesion in left Breast

i am 15 years old girl and recently been diagonosis for breast tumor. Doctor adv to do the ultrasound and found the below findings on test. Can anyone here to help me to adv, please!

There is a well defind hypoechoic area measuring 11.6 X 7.9mm noted in upper outer quadrant of left breast, at 1'O clock position and 3.6mm deep to the skin. Rest of the left breast shows normal and uniform parenchymal echopattern. There is no duct ectasia seen in the pariareolar region.

Hypoechoic lesion in left breast (? Fibroadenoma)

Actually now in this stage what should be the next step? I am really not that aged and feeling norvous after seeing all of this.
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Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors known to increase in size and tenderness in relation to the menstrual cycles due to hormonal changes.These benign tumors are not related to breast cancer in any way.
As long as your radiologist is sure it is a fibroadenoma, there would be no need to remove the lump,unless it enlarges too much or is painful.
I am sure that on your ultrasound report the radiologist has stated what needs to be done next,regarding the lump in your breast.
Best wishes..
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thanks a lot! Feel releifed after seeing your message.

My tumor is painless and after seeing the report doctor suggested to take it off after 2 months.
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