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I am male with problems.about breast cancer.

I am 70 years old. my nipples have recently turned white, I have no discharge but have felt pain in my left breast. I have had shingles in my head for several years and my skin has pink arears, could this be conected and should I seek medical advice.
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When nipples turn white,it could be a blood circulation problem when the blood flow to the nipple is limited .
The pain in your left breast, may not even be related to a breast problem,but could be due to several other factors, such as muscle strain,your ribs, your spine ,acid reflux and also your heart .
Most men do not feel breast pain due to breast cancer,but infections,cysts or fibroadenomas could cause breast pain, just the same as in women.
I doubt that the shingles you had on your head ,could cause breast pain, unless the chest area itself was affected.
Yes, I think it's best to consult your doctor for a clinical breast exam and also to make sure that your heart is healthy.
Wishing you all the best...
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