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Im in stress

So about 9 months ago while doing my breast check i felt a lump in my axillary area it was moveable but no pain was there I quickly made an appt with my doctor went in he checked it and told me it was nothing but send me to get an ultrasound im 27 i got the ultrasound and at the time they told me its nothing its just a nodule it was roughly 1 cm and when i looked at the lump picture it was dark and iassumed it must be a cyst.

Fast forward nine months layer i went in to check again since they wanted me to come back the ultrasound tech and the doctor told me the initial nodule grow to 1.6 cm and they found another small lump in my breast at 4 oclock. They told me it could be a fiberoadenoma but they recommended a biopsy to for sure know. Im worried sick since the first ultrasound they couldnt find the second lump and the first one has grown. Could this be dangerous has anybody had similar experience. I asked what the inside if the lump has and they told me its mix fluid and solid. I do get some pain when im about to get my period but its just so confusing and worrisome for me.

Pleaae somebody if you have experience please let me know. Im worried sick
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Hi there and welcome to the forum. So sorry you are having this experience and I know it is scary. I'm very glad you are working with your doctor and they have your best interest at heart. When is your biopsy scheduled for?  It is hard to speculate before having that done. Most of the time? Things are fine. But you are wise to follow up and be sure.

Here is a description of a fibroadenoma:
Fibroadenomas are noncancerous breast lumps with the following characteristics:
Have distinct and smooth borders
Move easily
Feel firm or rubbery

Do you take birth control pills?

Let us know when your biopsy is.
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