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Left Breast Pain

I have had pain in my left breast for several years and I don't think it's related to my period.  The reason I am saying this is because I get the pain even when it's not close to my period.  I have tenderness under my arm, how ever at 12 a cyst was found in my left breast and then at 13 on my right ovary.  Recently I had a tumor removed off my ovary the size of a golf ball after complaining for years about it and before the surgery my gynecologist thought it was the size of my pinkie tip and come to find out it was hiding behind the ovary.  I have been trying to get him to do an ultra sound for I am only a C cup or a mamagram to see what's the problem if there is one.  I know if it's my breast or a chest pain.  That's what he keeps telling me and tells to tell my family doctor about it.  Do you know what might be causing the pain because it hurts extremely bad.

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I am 30 and last week I had a mammo and us after telling my doc I had both breast hurting and it was only relieved with my cycle.  The us found a very small nodule and cyst and they gave it a BIRAD 3 score (probably benign).  I had a 2nd opinion with a surgeon today and he told me that since it is a little bigger than a centimeter, they suggest removing it although he thought it was a fibroadenoma.  I am scheduled for day surgery next week.  I just tell you this because at any age, there could be something there, even if it is benign.  I am lucky and have a really great doc.  Push your doc further, they can't let you continue to have pain with no workup.  BTW - me, my doc, nor the surgeon could feel the spot.  For that they are doing an ultrasound right before the surgery to mark it with a wire.
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