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Male breast pain - antibiotics?

Hello, I am a 22 year old male, and about four days ago I noticed that my left breast was sensitive and hurt if pressed.  Over the past few days, the nipple area became more red and slightly puffier and tighter (although I don't think I would call it a "lump") than usual, and the redness spread to about an inch beyond my nipple.  If my nipple area is pressed in certain spots it really hurts, and there is a subtle, barely noticeable dull pain all the time in my left breast.

I went to my university's health clinic this morning, and a physician's assistant told me that the breast was probably infected and gave me a 30 day supply of antibiotics.  How it could have become infected, I have no idea; I have no piercings or anything.

Anyway, before I went to the doctor, I read around online about this sort of pain, and read about different illnesses, but I didn't come across anything about infections.  Is this a common prognosis?  Should I get a second opinion? (I would really rather NOT get a second opinion because of $$$ issues, but I will if necessary.

Thanks for any help!
Jake PA
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One reason that you may get a second opinion is regarding the length of antibiotic treatment: 30 days of antibiotic may not be a sound practice.  With regards the cause of this redness and swelling, I would also agree that this may really be an infection.  Even without an obvious cause or predisposition, infections do occur in these areas which can result from minor trauma to the nipple which a person would usually not notice.

Also, the nipple and areola contains several glands similar to the sweat glands of the face which can indeed develop infections.

I suggest you talk with your doctor about the length of antibiotic treatment since 30 days is just too long.

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Hi, i'm 23 years old ...and i have the same problem....does it help you the antibiotic???

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