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Male lump in breast

While having ‘relations’ with my girlfriend, my left nipple was bitten very hard it was very painful. A few days passed and a small lump appeared where I was bitten.  Now it has been about 3 weeks and my nipple has a large lump all the way around it. Kind of donut shaped with the part the actual part of the nipple that sticks out is in the center. The lump encompasses all the way around the red part of my nipple.  But not out beyond the nipple itself. The lump is a 3 on a scale of 10. (10 being extreme pain for a nipple) There is no bruising, not even after the bite. The lump has grown larger overtime, and periodically changes shape, gets smaller then larger. I am a white male, 26 years old, and 125lbs if that information is helpful.

Will it go away on its own? If it will an ETA would be nice. What is it called? What could have
possibly have caused it to swell like this? Some sort of fluid or blood? I don't think its breast cancer.
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In usual circumstances the lump should not have been a cause of alarm except for two things that you mention - 3 weeks and it changing size. Well at this point i think it is best for you to consult a physician and seek a clinical evaluation and a USG. If your physician finds a cyst, removal of fluid from it will help relieve the pain and swelling. And if your physician thinks you might need a course of antibiotics and painkillers which will help decrease the swelling
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